Academic Forms

Under Graduate Forms:

Post Graduate Forms:

PhD Forms:

  • Guide Consent Forms:
    1. Guide Consent form (Doc)
    2. Guide Consent form (PDF)
    3. Guide Consent form for ID Program
    4. Guide Change Consent form
  • Doctoral Committee & DC Evaluation:
    1. Doctoral Committee Constitution form
    2. Doctoral Committee Constitution form for ID Program
    3. Doctoral Committee Constitution form for IITH-Deakin JDP
    4. Review of the PhD Research Progress Defense form
    5. Updation of the Doctoral Committee member / Co-Guide
  • Evaluation Forms:
    1. Comprehensive Exam evaluation form
    2. Evaluation of Comprehensive Exam Form - IITH-DEAKIN University JDP
    3. Evaluation of the PhD Research Proposal Defense form
    4. Evaluation of Research Proposal Defence Form- IITH-Deakin University JDP
    5. Assessment Committee Report for JRF To SRF under MoE (Ministry of Education)
  • Academic Forms:
    1. Six-Monthly Report
    2. Additional Course Conversion Form
    3. Grade Change form
  • Open Colloquium Forms:
    1. Open Colloquium Request Form
    2. Author Declaration Form
    3. List of Examiners Form
    4. Similarity index Declaration Form
    5. Thesis Evaluation Option Form
    6. Report of Open Colloquium form
  • Other Forms:
    1. Anti Ragging Form
    2. Casual Leave Form For PG & PhD Students
    3. No Dues (M.Tech/M.Des/M.Phil/Ph.D) form
    4. Verification of Degree Certificate/Education
  • Financial assistance for Conference:
    1. Request for Financial Assistance for presenting a paper in the Conference form
  • Fellowship Forms:
    1. M.Tech/M.Phil/PhD Fellowship Form
  • Withdrawal Request:
    1. Withdrawal Request from Academic Programme form
  • Other Certificates:
    1. Medium of Instruction

Post Doc Forms:

Room booking: