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New Programs
IITH Starts Minor in Design program for BTech students
IITH has started a minor in design for its undergraduate students. Minor in Design is a course that sensitises students from the engineering disciplines to creative, applicable and aesthetic dimensions of the interaction between technology and people. Spread across four semesters, this course begins with basic exercises in designerly ways of doing and practice and ends with the students engaging in small independent projects. The aim is to inculcate and cultivate the spirit of a making amongst the students from core engineering and sciences.
New Programs
All course M.Tech Program in Electrical, Mechanical, Civil, Chemical, and Materials Science and Metallurgical Engineering (GATE score not mandatory)

B.Tech in Mathematics and Computing
The emerging trends in industry demand trained professionals in several fields who can identify interesting patterns, visualize, model, analyse and optimise. Accomplishing such tasks requires deep mathematical analysis coupled with problem-solving skills. The B.Tech M&C programme, started in the academic year 2017-18, envisages to equip the students with the mathematical foundations required to excel in various applied and computational streams where Math plays a major role.
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