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Ensemble Structures

    Ensemble of structures are generated to get a wide range of conformations for a given sequence. Ensemble is generated by heating the generated model (using DNA/RNA Mismatch/ RNA-DNA hybrid/ triplex/ quadruplex sub-page) to a high temperature and slowly cooled to normal temperature. A total of 50 PDB files are generated one at each temperature step.

   To generate ensemble of structures, the user needs to provide the molecule ID as input and click the 'Submit' option. As the calculation process takes a while, user is suggested to revisit at least after 20 minutes to get the output structures. Then, the user needs to go to either Browse sub-page or Ensemble Structures sub-page and insert the molecule ID and the 'Download' option will be shown in the result page to download the ensemble structures.

Please give the nucleic acid molecule ID generated in 3D-NuS and click submit.

Molecule ID: