Patent Search Training

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IITHyderabad i-TIC Foundation organized a ‘Patent Search Training’ conducted by SciTech Patent Art. The objective was to impart basic patent search skills so that IITH researchers can independently conduct some basic screening of ideas and work towards creating IP out of their projects. The Topics covered during this session include- - Prior art/ State-of-the art search - Whitespaces, Patentability, FTO, infringement, invalidation - Problem-solving approach - Technology trends Specific focus was on- ✓ Familiarization of participants on basic concepts in patent searching (Selection of databases, use of classification codes etc.) ✓ Criteria for patentability ✓ Experience of working with IITM ✓ Tips on use of free search engines and paid patent databases i-TIC is one of the incubators on campus and provides the necessary facilities, guidance and mentoring, by the faculty members of IITH and the industry experts, to develop an ecosystem for entrepreneurship.