Vineeth N Balasubramanian

Associate Professor
Department of Computer Science and Engineering
Indian Institute of Technology, Hyderabad

Academic Block C, Room 437
Kandi, Sangareddy 502 285
Telangana, INDIA
Phone: +91 40 2301 6145

Email: (First name)(Middle Initial)(Last Name Initial)-at-(domain)

Research Interests

Deep Learning, Machine Learning, Computer Vision, Optimization, Real-world Applications. If you want to know moreā€¦.

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Recent News

  • (Nov 2018): Our collaborative work on active learning for semantic segmentation is also accepted at WACV 2019.

  • (Aug 2018): Our work on cross-caption text-to-image synthesis is accepted at WACV 2019.

  • (Jul 2018): Our work on using GANs for scene refocusing is accepted at ECCV 2018 (joint work with Prof PJN, IIIT). We also have two papers accepted at ECCV workshops.

  • (Jul 2018): Our work on learning a loss function for semantic segmentation is accepted at BMVC 2018 (joint work with Prof Jawahar, IIIT).

  • (Jun 2018): Our work on understanding error landscape on neural networks will be presented at the Theory of Deep Learning and Non-convex Optimization workshops at ICML 2018.

  • (Apr 2018): Our dataset for understanding user engagement in the wild from videos, DAiSEE, is now available here. The dataset will be presented at the 4th Vision meets Cognition workshop at CVPR 2018, and was also featured in the media (The Hindu).

  • (Mar 2018): Senior-year undergrad students from our group have received admits into CMU, Columbia, Facebook AI Residency, Google AI/Brain Residency and IDSIA (birthplace of LSTMs). Congratulations to Sneha, Bhavana, Yash, Ayushi, Arjun and Ramakrishna! (Media Coverage here)

  • (Feb 2018): Arghya's paper on Adversarial Data Programming (creating labeled datasets from weak labeling functions) gets accepted at CVPR 2018. Congratulations!

  • (Jan 2018): Vishwak wins S N Bose Fellowship award, and Sukrut wins the Honda Y-E-S award. Congratulations to Vishwak and Sukrut.

  • (Dec 2017): Grateful to Honeywell, MHRD and DST for the UAY and ICPS grants to support our research.

  • (Dec 2017): Grateful to IBM for the IBM Shared University Research award to support our research.

  • (Oct 2017): Our work on Grad-CAM, an improved version of Grad-CAM, is accepted to WACV 2018. Congratulations to Anirban, Aditya and Prantik.

  • (Oct 2017): We have 3 papers accepted to ACM iKDD CODS-COMAD 2018. Please see the publications here. Congratulations to Vishwak, Ravi (twice), Supriya and Himangi.

  • (Jul 2017): Our work on using deep recurrent attentive architectures for generating videos from captions is accepted at ACM MM 2017 as an Oral Paper (acceptance rate: 7.5%) and at ICCV 2017. Congratulations to Tanya and Gaurav.

  • (Jun 2017): Our work on using deep learning for detecting road intersections from monocular cameras is accepted at IROS 2017. Congratulations to the students - Danish, Dhaivat and Arghya. This is collaborative work with Prof Madhava Krishna at IIIT-H.

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