Vineeth N Balasubramanian

News Archive

  • (May 2017): Anirban and Vishwak selected to intern at the University of Tokyo under the Sakura Science Plan. Congratulations to both of them!

  • (May 2017): Senior-year undergrad students from our group have received admits into CMU, Columbia, Georgia Tech, University of Montreal, Wisconsin-Madison and University of Massachusetts, Amherst for their Masters. Congratulations to Tanya, Akshita, Sahil, Hrishikesh, Teja and Sreekar!

  • (Feb 2017): Arasu selected for the prestigious S N Bose Fellowship, and Sneha selected for the Viterbi Fellowship. Congratulations!

  • (Oct 2016): Arghya awarded the Intel PhD fellowship. Congratulations Arghya!

  • (Oct 2016): As part of our collaborative efforts on e-learning, CDAC is organizing a workshop on e-Learning and Multimodal Learning Analytics. Please participate if this interests you.

  • (Oct 2016): Our undergraduate students’ (Sahil, Akilesh, Tanya) research was accepted and presented at IWML 2016 and IBM I-CARE 2016. Congratulations to all of them.

  • (Jul 2016): Serving as the Technical Co-Chair for the Cognitive Computing Track at IBM I-CARE 2016. Please consider submitting your work.

  • (Jan 2016): We have two papers accepted to WACV 2016. Congratulations to Aditya, Aradhya and Digvijay.

  • (Dec 2015): We organized an Indo-UK workshop on “Conformal Prediction for Reliable Machine Learning”, funded by the EPSRC-DST Indo-UK Initiative on Applied Mathematics. Please see this link for more details.

  • (Oct 2015): Adepu Ravi Sankar awarded the Intel PhD fellowship. Congratulations Ravi!