Course Content

Lecture 1

Seismic Behavior of Anchorage Systems with focus on Structural Strengthening

- Dr. Akanshu Sharma

Lecture 2

Strengthening of Structures using Post-tensioning

- Dr. S. Suriya Prakash

Lecture 3

Strengthening of Reinforced Concrete Members under earthquake loads

- Dr. G. R. Reddy

Lecture 4

Condition assessment and Structural Audit of life line structures

- Dr. Abhay Bambole

Lecture 5

Case Studies in Strengthening using FRP Composites

- Dr. Gopal Rai

Lecture 6

Case Studies in Seismic Strengthening

- Dr. Aman Deep Garg

Lecture 7

Supplemental damping & Energy dissipating devices for seismic strengthening

- Dr. Oinam

Lecture 8

Post-fire assessment and strengthening of structures

- Dr. Anil Agarwal

Lecture 9

Anchorage Design – Overview

- Mr. Uday Shikare

Lecture 10

Role of Anchors in Strengthening

- Dr. Prashant Sathe