All qualified GATE candidates who intend to apply to IIT Hyderabad for M.Tech admission, must register at the Common Offer Acceptance Portal (COAP). The COAP Registration number will be required at the time of filling out the online M.Tech application form at IIT Hyderabad portal.
COAP Portal Link.
Only IIT B.Tech Graduates can apply by clicking here.
A Candidate who exercises "Accept and Freeze" offer (at any round with any institute) is NOT eligible for further consideration in the subsequent rounds. IIT Hyderabad will follow COAP guidelines for matters pertaining to M.Tech offers.


Indian Institute of Technology Hyderabad will be the cradle for inventions and innovations. It will advance knowledge and scholarship to students in science, technology and liberal arts, and equip them to handle the challenges of the nation and the world in 21st century.


To be recognized as ideators and leaders in higher education and research, and to develop human power with creativity, technology and passion for the betterment of India and humankind.

About M.Tech Admissions:

The M.Tech. programmes offered in various disciplines and streams by different departments of the institute are based on the credit system and provide a student with wide choice of courses. Each programme comprises of several core and elective courses and project work.

For detailed information Please read the Brochure.
To fill the application online please read Instructions To Fill Application