Department of
M.Tech Students
Mr. Mohammad Aqhtharudin
Thesis Topic: Behaviour of textile fiber reinforced masonry panel under inplane loading
Role: Guide

Year : 2013 to 2014

Mr. Suman Dhara
Thesis Topic: Behavior of FRP Strengthened  Prestressed Precast Hollow Core Slabs
Role: Guide
Mr. Suraj Nakhale
Thesis Topic: Behaviour of Plast Fiber reinforced Concrete Beams
Role: Co-Guide
Ph.D. Students
Mr. Sameer Kumar Sarma
Thesis Topic: Behavior of FRP Strenthened Precast Prestressed Hollow Core Slabs with Openings
Role: Guide
Mr. RangaRao
Thesis Topic: Role of Pattern Specific Transverse Reinforcement on Confinement Behaviour of Concrete
Role: Co-Guide
S. Suriya Prakash
Associate Professor
Department of Civil Engineering
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