Postdoctoral Fellow

Dr. Chokkakula L. P. Pavithra

SERB National Post-Doctoral Fellow


Research Topic: Electrochemical synthesis of multi-component alloy coatings, Synthesis and characterization of novel materials using combinatorial approach by electrodeposition

Current Position: Research Associate-III at IIT Hyderabad.

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Dr. Rengasamy Dhanabal

CSIR-Research Associate


Research Topic: Development of new efficient nano-materials and Perovskites solar cell devices

Current Position: CSIR-RA.

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Ph.D. Research Scholars

Mr Rameez Rajmahammad Tamboli


Research Topic: Role of Aluminium addition in high strength interstitial free (IFHS) steel

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Rameez Tamboli

Ms Madhuri Kukkuadapu



Research Topic: Enhancement of efficiency through modification of CIGS absorber layer by non vacuum route for solar cell applications

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MAdhuri Kukkuadapu

Mr Siri Kiran Reddy


Research Topic: Electrodeposition of high entropy alloys

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Siri Kiran Reddy

Mr Pritam Kishore Chakraborty


Research Topic: 3D Printing and Characterization of Designed 17-4 PH SS for Biomedical applications

*Selected for Joint Ph.D. program of IIT Hyderabad-Swinburne University of Technology Australia (March 2019)

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Graduated Research Scholars

Dr. Mandati Sreekanth

Research Topic: Fabrication of CuInSe2 and Cu(In,Ga)Se2 absorber layers by pulse and pulse-reverse electrochemical techniques for solar photovoltaic applications;

Successfully defended on 18th December 2015

*Received INAE Innovative Students Projects Awards 2015
*Received Dr. K.V. Rao Scientific Society Young Scientist Award of citation 2014-15 in Chemistry.
*Bhaskara Advanced Solar Energy (BASE) Internship 2014 from Department of Science and Technology (DST), India and the Indo-U.S. Science and Technology Forum (IUSSTF) to spend six months at Professor Rakesh Agarwal's (Purdue University, USA) laboratory.
*Received Best Poster Presentation Prize from his Ph.D. research work at 3rd EICOON School on "Science and Technology of renewable and Clean Energy Sources, held in Kolkata, India, 30th April-1st May 2012

Current Position: Research Scientist at ARCI, Hyderabad.

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Sreekanth Mandati

Dr. Palli Srinivas

Research Topic: Theoretical and experimental studies of single metals (Cu and Ni) and binary Ni-Cu alloy electrodeposition in a modified Hull cell: A combinatorial approach;

Successfully defended on 18th December 2015

* Received Best Oral Paper Award for presenting "Development of Ni-Cu Materials Libraries by using Combinatorial Pulsed Electrodeposition" at ISRS 2012, IIT Madras, 13-15 December 2012
* Received Best Oral Paper Award for presenting "Experimental and Theoretical Study of Electrodeposition of Binary Ni-Cu Thin Film library" at COMBI14, Cairns, Australia, 6-8 October 2014

Current Position:Post Doctoral Fellow at IIT Bombay (2 years)

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Palli Srinivas

Dr. Karre Rajamallu

Research Topic: Design and development of β Ti alloys for through first principles calculations and powder metallurgy route for biomedical applications.

Successfully defended on 28th April 2018

*Visited Ritsumeikan University twice for doing partial work under Indo-Japan Collaboration and JASSO fellowship
*Earlier Research Associate at IIT Hyderabad (6 months)

Current Position: Post Doctoral Fellow at Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Shanghai, China.

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Karre Rajamallu

Dr. Sushmita Chaudhari

Research Topic: Dip coating of Cu2ZnSn(SxSe1-x)4 Absorber Layer for Solar Photovoltaic Applications.

Successfully defended on 24th April 2018

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Sushmita Chaudhari

Dr. Basanth Kumar K

Research Topic: Thermomechanical Processing, Microstructure and Texture Studies of TiHy 600 Alloy (a Near Alpha Titanium Alloy)).

Successfully defended on 4th September 2018

* Received Best Oral Paper Award for presenting "Peak stress studies of hot compressed TiHy 600 alloy" at International Conference on Advancements in Aeromechanical Materials for Manufacturing (ICAAMM-2016), Hyderabad, 7-9 July 2016.

Current Position:Assistant Professor at Vardhaman College Hyderabad.

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Basanth Kumar K

Dr. Kannan P.K.


Successfully defended on 14th October 2020

Research Topic: Development of vacuum-based CZTS/Se thin films for solar photovoltaic applications

* SERB-Purdue University Overseas Visiting Doctoral Fellowship 2018 from Department of Science and Technology (DST), India to spend one year at Professor Rakesh Agrawal's (Purdue University, USA) laboratory.

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Kannan P.K.

Dr. Brijesh Singh Yadav (External Ph. D. Research Scholar)

External Research Scholar from ARCI-Hyderabad.


Successfully defended on 28th May 2021

Research Topic: Investigation of CIGS thin film absorber layer by inkjet printing for solar photovoltaic applications

*Received DST-AWSAR award for best popular science stories under the PhD category.

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Brijesh singh

M.Tech Students

Mr Ashutosh Singh


Research Topic:Electrochemical synthesis of one-dimensional multicomponent alloys.

Graduated M.Tech Students

Mr Vinay Periwal (2018-2020)


Research Topic: Electrochemical Synthesis of Graphene-reinforced alloys and its Applications.
Mr Dinesh Choudhary (2017-2019)


Research Topic: Dip coating of Cu2ZnSnS4 on Flexible Mo foil and its Flexibility measurements

Mr Harendra Kumar (2016-2018)


Research Topic: Development of beta Ti-Nb-X(Zr, Sn) alloys through powder metallurgy for biomedical applications
Harendra Kumar

Mr Rameez Rajmahammad Tamboli (2014-2016)


Research Topic: Friction Stir Welding of D6AC Alloy Steel to Ti-6Al-4V and its Joint Analyses
Sushil Yebaji

Mr Sushil Yebaji (2013-2015)


Research Topic: Microstructural studies of High Pressure Torsion Titanium alloy
Sushil Yebaji

Mr Jogi Tushar Duryodhanrao (2012-2014)


Research Topic: Development of Metal-Ceramic Thermoelectrics
Jogi Tushar Duryodhanrao

Mr Manish Meshram (2012-2014)


Research Topic: Friction stir welding of austenitic steel with zircaloy and its joint analyses
Manish Meshram

Mr Bhupendra Sharma (2011-2013)


Research Topic: Annealing Effect on Accumulative Roll Bonded Aluminium
Bhupendra Sharma

Mr Pankaj Sahlot (2010-2012)


Research Topic: Feasibility studies of joining titanium alloys using friction stir welding
* Received First Prize in Poster Presentation from his Master Thesis work at DMAT-2012, IT Banaras Hindu University, January 23-24, 2012
Pankaj Sahlot

Mr Sajin George Sajan (2010-2012)


Research Topic: Feasibility studies of joining steel and titanium alloys using friction stir welding
Sajin George Sajan