Doctoral Students [Awarded]
1. R. Vijay Kumar (2016) ‘Behavior of Geocell Reinforced Base Layers Overlying Weak Subgrades under Repetitive Traffic Loading’.

2. A. Deepti (2016) ‘Evaluation of Activated Fly Ash Treated Reclaimed Asphalt Pavements for Sustainable Design of Base Courses’.

3. V Vinay Kumar (2018) ‘Behavior of Geosynthetic-Interlayered Asphalt Overlays’.

4. Pranav RT Peddinti (2020) ‘System Reliability-Based Design of Flexible Pavements’.

5. Mahesh Babu Jallu (2021) ‘Performance of Fly Ash Geopolymer Stabilized RAP Bases’.
Master's Students [Graduated]
Master's Students [On going]
Department of
Vrinda B (2019-2021) Topic onLlandslides

Neeli Shashidhar (2019-2022) Topic on Stabilization of Subgrade

Rokkam Veerababu (2018-2021) Topic on Stabilization of Expansive Soils
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Department of Civil Engineering
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Doctoral Students [Ongoing]
• Mypati Vamsi N Krisha (Aug 2017): Topic on Grouting

• D Priyanka (Aug 2016): Topic on Behavior of Landslides

• B Ramu (Aug 2017): Topic on Geocell reinforced Bases

• Ramesh G (Aug 2017): Topic on Dynamic behavior of Marine Soils

• BK Hachegowda (Aug 2019 -): Topic on Geosythetic-Interlayers
  1. Maheshbabu (2010 – 2012) ‘Study on a Combined Ground Improvement Technique to Facilitate Rapid Construction of Embankments on Soft Soils’

P. A. Faby Mole (2011-2013) ‘Modeling and Analysis of Geocell Reinforced Foundations’

V. Suraj (2011-2013), ‘Evaluation of Geojute Reinforcement Sand Beds under Cyclic Loading’

Sarath Chandra Prasad J (2012-14) ‘Resilient Behavior of fly ash treated Reclaimed Asphalt Pavements’

Troyee Tanu Dutta (2012-15) ‘Dynamic Properties of Clean Sand and Fly ash Stabilized Clay from Resonant Column Studies’

Anu M George (2013-15) ‘Numerical Modeling of Geocell Reinforced Beds’

Harish S (2013-15) ‘Stabilization of Expansive Soil Subgrades using Lime and Fly ash’

Ugesh T (2013-15) ‘Determination of Subsurface Deformations using GPR’

Ajay Reddy B (2014-16) ‘Modulus degradation of Sands and Marine Soils’

Srinivasa Reddy (2012-2016) ‘Stabilized Natural sands with Fly ash’

Kapil Dhawan (2015-17) ‘Performance Assessment of Geocell Reinforced Flexible Pavements’

Mohammad Shellas (2015-2017) ‘Assessment of Suspension and Chemical grout’s Stabilization Effects on Sandy Soils’

Ayush Kumar (2016-18) ‘Numerical Studies on Vacuum Consolidation in Soft Soil Deposits’

Jitendra Kumar (2016-18) ‘Performance Study of Geogrid Reinforced Pavements on Soft Soil’

Rohit Varma K (2017-19) ‘Fatigue behavior of Jute-geotextile Reinforced Asphalt Concrete’

Kartik Paradeshi (2018-20) ‘Landslide Susceptibility Mapping through Geographic Information System (GIS) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) model’

Sharukh Khan Phatan (2018-20) ‘Resilient Modulus of Geosynthetic Reinforced GSB Material: A Numerical Study’

Bharadwaj KV (2018-20) ‘Evaluation of Reinforcement Characteristics of Geocomposite in GSB Layer’