Open positions

We are always looking for new group members who are interested in exploring different facets of plasmonics and nanophotonics especially at the interface of material science, physics, chemistry and biology.

Current open positions

Students with scholarship (CSIR, UGC, DST-Inspire etc.) are welcome to apply throughout the year.

You are most welcome to work with us if you have your own funding/scholarship. If you are interested in working with us as a PhD student or postdoc, please send me an email. State briefly why you are interested and attach a CV, including information about the grades you had as an undergraduate. Important: please insert “Application PhD” or “Application Postdoc” in the subject line.

If you are interested in pursuing a short internship/project or M.Tech. thesis in the area of plasmonics (or allied areas), please send me an email with all the details.

There are various postdoc scholarship available from different funding agencies like DST and DBT. I’d be happy to support you after you apply to our group. Take a look at the NPDF.

Projects for IIT Hyderabad students

If you are a master or bachelor student at IIT Hyderabad and are looking for part time project during the semester, contact me (or any group member) per email or stop by my office.