Group Members

We are looking for new PhD students (with CSIR-NET-JRF, NET-JRF, DST-Inspire and other scholarships) and Postdocs to join the team (see openings) !

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Pravallika B.

Ph.D. Student, started Aug 2017

  • Investigation of surface plasmons supported by alloy thin films

Jaya Kumar P.

Ph.D. Student, started Jan 2018

  • Template driven self assembly of plasmonic nanoparticles

Jagathpriya L.M.

Ph.D. Student, started Jan 2020

  • To be decided.

Arka Jyoti Roy

Ph.D. Student, started Sept 2020; Co-supervisor - Dr. S. R. K. Malladi

  • To be decided.

Eshita Mukherjee

M.Tech. Student, (2019-till date)

  • To be decided.

Pyae Oo Khin

M.Tech. Student, (2019-till date)

  • To be decided.

Bachelor students

Govardhan Reddy S.

B.Tech. student

P. Bharadwaj

B.Tech. student


Mohd. Shahnawaz

2018-2020 (M.Tech.)
Research: Numerical modelling of plasmonic trapping

Dhruv Bhatnagar

2018-2020 (M.Tech.)
Research: Fabrication of SERS substrates

Narender Dhania

Oct-Dec 2019 (JRF)
Research: Lifetime imaging in tissues for elucidating the effect of toxins.

Current position: Assistant professor at Central University Bhatinda

P. Lavanya Devi

2017-2019 (M.Tech.)
Research: Numerical modelling of graphene integrated metasurfaces, Optical trapping

Current position: Graduate trainee at Tata Advanced Systems

Thesis: Tunable plasmonic devices for active control of molecular coupling and optical trapping

Former bachelor and visitor students

Bachelor Students

  • Abhiram K. (B.Tech. Mini project, Spring 2020)
  • Mohd. Ayaz (B.Tech. Mini project)
  • Anand Swain (Project) - Currently a Ph.D. student at UT Austin
  • Nitish Chandra (B.Tech. Mini project)
  • Ashish (B.Tech. Mini project)
  • Revanth Reddy (B.Tech. Mini project)
  • Joshua Jullian (B.Tech. Mini project)


  • Ryosuke Bamba (Hokkaido University, Japan), February 2020