NEW: Opening of JRF post at Indian Institute of Technology Hyderabad.
It is mainly in Vernacular Architecture Research areas and Conservation.

Shiva Ji

‘Design for Sustainability’ - Architecture / Industrial Design & - Research

Present Role(s)

* Assistant Professor

July 2018 - (present)

Department of Design

Indian Institute of Technology, Hyderabad
- TS 502285, India

PI at  
Dept. of Science & Technology, Govt. of India funded research project
: 2019-22

Reviewer in  
Taylor & Francis

Project Partner
- LeNS Polimi, Italy, EU and LeNS India

“Design for Sustainability Lab”
“Virtual Experience Design Lab”

Chaired Technical Sessions
  & Panel Discussions in national & international conferences


Registered Architect with Council of Architecture, India, under Architects Act 1972, Govt of India

Registered member with Green Building Certification Institute, USA

Life member with Indian Science Congress Association, India

Area of Interest

Design for Sustainability | Sustainability Assessment | LCA | Architecture Theory

Innovation by System Design | New Age Products/Services

Core Education

* Doctor of Philosophy

Dec 2014 - (pursuing) Under ‘Design Innovation Center’ - MHRD (Course work CPI: 10.00)

Dept. of Design, Indian Institute of Technology, Guwahati

* Post Graduate Diploma Programme in Design (Master of Design)

2005 - 2007 (CSGPA: 7.59)

National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad

* Bachelor of Architecture

1999 - 2004 (73.8%)

Government College of Architecture (now FoA, APKTU), Lucknow

Professional Certificate Course on Environment & Sustainable Development

2011 - 2011 (71.6%)

CEPT University, Ahmedabad

Certificate Course of Sustainability in Practice (online)

2014 - 2014 (83.5%)

PennDesign, University of Pennsylvania, Pennsylvania

Parallel Education

Master of Business Administration

2011 (62.0%)

Indira Gandhi National Open University, New Delhi

Previous Academic Experience

2 Years 1 Month

Department of Planning & Architecture, Mizoram University, Aizawl - 796004, India

Industry Exprience

8 Years & 7 Months* (Detail in “My Industry Experience & Executed Projects/Products”)

In capacity as (an employee & individual professional):

* Completed various projects in Architecture (Residential, Commercial, etc.)

* Over 37 designed products commercially available in market

* Head of Design vertical, Concept development, Design, Detailing, Prototyping, Rollout, Presentations, Recruitment, Team management, Vendor management, etc.

* Set up mini factory for production of Smart Product Design (RFID, EM, Hybrid technology enabled). Facilities of Prototyping, Material(s) working units, Finishing jobs and Packaging, etc


* Mentored two week long course organized by LeNSin on S-PSS & DE at IIT Guwahati

Mentored a week long workshop organized by USID Foundation & IITK at IIT Kanpur

* Citation in Annual NASA Design Competition-2002

* Selection and display of two products in “Design Idea Fair’ 2006” at India Habitat Center, New Delhi by National Design Business Incubator, Ahmedabad

* All India Rank: 36 in CEED-2005 conducted by IIT - Bombay

* Received Ford Foundation Scholarship

* Received NID Scholarship

* Received Design Innovation Center Fellowship from MHRD, Govt. of India

Published & Presented Articles

* Ji S., Punekar R.M. (2019) Intervening On ‘Building As A Product’ and ‘Habitation As A Service’ in Contemporary Urban Settings For Adaptive Micro Habitation Design – Indicative Global Case Studies. ISBN: 978-88-95651-26-2, pp 1123-1128. Edizioni, Milano, Italy

* Ji S., Punekar R.M. (2019) Exploring Attributes of Vernacular Assam Type House Design Techniques in Contemporary Setting. In: Reddy B., Mani M., Walker P. (eds) Earthen Dwellings and Structures. Springer Transactions in Civil and Environmental Engineering. pp 419-433. Springer, Singapore

* Ji S., Punekar R.M. (2019) The Ethno-Cultural Influences on “Assam Type” Building Typology—A Case of Barduwa, Assam. In: Chakrabarti A. (eds) Research into Design for a Connected World. Smart Innovation, Systems and Technologies, vol 134, pp 15-26. Springer, Singapore

* Ji S., Punekar R.M. (2019) A Critical Study of Choke Point in Sustainable Recycling of Household Waste in an Assamese Village Setting. In: Chakrabarti A. (eds) Research into Design for a Connected World. Smart Innovation, Systems and Technologies, vol 135, pp 165-173. Springer, Singapore

* Ji, Shiva., Punekar, Ravi M., 2018. PARADOX OF INTENSIVE OROGRAPHIC RAINFALL AND CHALLENGES OF WATER SCARCITY IN NORTH-EAST INDIA - A PARTICIPATORY PLANNING APPROACH FOR SUSTAINABLE COMMUNITY. 9th International Conference on Sustainable Built Environment 2018 (ICSBE2018), University of Peradeniya, Kandy, Sri Lanka

* Ji, Shiva., Punekar, Ravi M., 2018. Assessment of Impact of Infrastructural Growth and Development on Bio-Diversity in Indian Context. CESDOC 2018, 2nd International Conference on Sustainability, Assam Engineering College, Guwahati

* Ji, Shiva., 2018. Architecture as a Service (AaaS) : Micro Habitation Planning with Sustainable Product Service System Approach. A Three Day National Workshop on Workshop on Integration of Art & Modern Technology in Architecture, Mizoram University, Aizawl

* Ji, Shiva., Punekar, Ravi M., 2018. Exploring the Adequacy of SA Methods in Addressing Impact of Buildings on Bio-Diversity. International Symposium on Biodiversity and Biobanking (Biodiverse 2018). Association for DNA fingerprinting and Associated DNA Technology (ADNAT) and IIT Guwahati.

* Ji S., Banerjee S., Punekar R.M. (2017) Assessment of GRIHA and LEED on the Parameters of Sustainable Design and Development of Buildings. In: Chakrabarti A., Chakrabarti D. (eds) Research into Design for Communities, Volume 2. ICoRD 2017. Smart Innovation, Systems and Technologies, vol 66. pp 179-188. Springer, Singapore

* Majumdar P., Ji S., Banerjee S. (2017) Consumer Preferences and Value Proposition Disconnect—Assam Rattan and Bamboo Furniture Industry. In: Chakrabarti A., Chakrabarti D. (eds) Research into Design for Communities, Volume 1. ICoRD 2017. Smart Innovation, Systems and Technologies, vol 65. pp 665-677. Springer, Singapore

* Ji, Shiva 2017. Exploring Future Water Situation and Retention Possibilities in Gorges of Aizawl / Mizoram. Section of Engineering Sciences, 104th Indian Science Congress 2017. Proceedings of the Section of Engineering Sciences, Page 25.

* Ji, Shiva., Punekar, Ravi M., 2016. Sustainability Assessment Method of GRIHA for Sustainable Built Environment: A Review Based on a Design Perspective. Science & Technology Journal (ISSN: 2321 3388) [] Page 156-163.

* Ji, Shiva., Punekar, Ravi M., 2016. Ceramic-ware along the Ancient Silk Trade Route—A Short Study of Cross-Cultural Influences on Product Form. Science & Technology Journal (ISSN: 2321 3388) [] Page 84-96.

* Ji, Shiva., Punekar, Ravi M., 2016. Design for Sustainability - A Participatory Approach for a Rural Community in Assam. International Conference on The Eastern Himalaya III: When the Mountains Move and Waters Rise: Coping with Earthquakes and Flooding – The Health and Housing Dimensions. Centre for North East Studies and Policy Research, JMI - New Delhi

* Punekar, Ravi M., Ji, Shiva., 2016. The Silk Route Trade and its Cross-Cultural influence on Indian Industrial crafts practices. Making Trans/national Contemporary Design History ICDHS 2016 Taipei | The 10th International Conference on Design History and Design Studies (ICDHS)

* Ji, Shiva. 2015. India’s Rurban Spurt - Towards Self Sustaining Micro Cities / Living Units and Responsive Policies & Design. International Conference on Creativity and Innovation at Grassroots 3, IIM Ahmedabad.

* Punekar, Ravi M., Ji, Shiva., 2015. Cross Cultural Infusion on Product Form - A Study of Changsha Pottery vis-a-vis Indian Pottery & Metalware along the Silk Trade Route. New Silk Road Program, School of Design, Hunan University, China.

* Ji, Shiva. 2014. Digital India & Design. USID Foundation and Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur.

* Ji, Shiva. 2014. Bird Feeder - The Contemporary Relevance of Chabutaros or Bird Feeders is Inconspicuous but Acknowledged as a Significant Urban Element with the Possibility of Design Intervention. Indian Architect & Builder [ISSN: 0971-5509] Vol.28(3), Page 72-75.

* Ji, Shiva. 2011. Green Building Materials and their common use in everyday life. Center for Environmental Planning and Training University Ahmedabad [RG DOI: 10.13140/RG.2.1.1635.4323]

* Ji, Shiva. 2003. A Study for the Conscience of Agrarian and Industrialized Age. Principia - ZH College of Engineering and Technology, AMU Aligarh.

* Ji, Shiva. 2011. Book: “Easy Construction Manual”. For internal circulation among construction company to deliver design and manufacturing/construction details, etc. (Not yet published). Publication of articles in acclaimed magazines like “A+D” and “Indian Architect and Builder”.

Articles in Working

* Ji, Shiva. Exploring Design for Sustainability Pedagogy in Higher Education using a Field-based and Cross-Disciplinary Approach. (in working)

* Ji, Shiva. Seasonal cultural tourism and craft design, development and its sustenance in today’s context

* Ji, Shiva. Problem of water dissipation from soil water soak pits in monsoon in high water table areas of Assam and probable local solutions
* Ji, Shiva. Sustainable Business Models for Two Differently Sized Handicraft Industries and the Cotton Handloom Industry in Rural Assam

* Ji, Shiva. Dynamics of a self sustaining habitat of Assam valley and model planning

* Ji, Shiva. Assam type house and its modern relevance in context of seismic zone-V region and building designs

* Ji, Shiva. Glass as a building material - a property & application based analysis for sustainability check

* Ji, Shiva. Book: “Design for Sustainability - a Preamble”. (in writing).

Virtual Experience Design Lab

The lab intends to explore virtual dimensions of perception and visualization for research in architecture and design. The lab will connect academics and research for fresh and innovative ideas in to this domain. The output could be in the form of virtual reality, augmented reality, mixed reality for an immersive experience to the user. The lab would look for fitting applications for virtual architecture experience & projection computations for optimization of system, form, material and processes, etc.

Project 1:-
Creating Digital Heritage of Representative Architectural Marvels from Each State of North East India

Team Members:-Aditya, Rajat, Shiva Ji, Shylesh

Project 2:-
"Digital Immersive Heritage Experience” (DIHE) is being framed and planned to create virtual reality experience of places.

Team Members:-Manasi, Shiva Ji, Vinay.

Design for Sustainability Lab

Sustainability is a holistic approach which the lab intends to engage for issues to handle with research, development and educational activities. The lab intends to take-up local / regional / national challenges and strive for strategic sustainable solutions. It’s objective is to foster a balance between people, society and economy and regenerating carrying capacity of life-supporting ecosystem. The proposed lab would take up research projects, consultancy projects, and academic assignments, etc., in a leading role to inculcate attentive minds towards causes serving to three aspects of sustainability in real life.

Project 3:-
Intervening On ‘Building As A Product’ and ‘Habitation As A Service’ in Contemporary Urban Settings For Adaptive Micro Habitation Design – Indicative Global Case Studies

Team members: Ravi M Punekar, Shiva Ji

Project 4:-
Habitation in City of Hyderabad

Team members: Dhruv, Fathima, Kiran, Manasi, Meghana, Parinav, Rhea, Ruchi, Saroj, Sayan, Shiva Ji, Suryansh, Vinay.


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