Website for B.Tech. Linear Algebra (MA 1140) Spring 2018

I shall be taking around 9 classes, each of it is of 90 mins duration. The duration of the course is from 08.02.18 to 22.03.18.

Class timings:


Introduction to linear equations, matrices, Gaussian elimination, LU-Decomposition, inverses.
Vector spaces (VS), subspaces, linear independence, span, column space, row space, null space, basis, dimension.
Computation of null space, rank, rank-nullity theorem and its applications.
Linear transformations, matrix of a linear transformation, change of basis, similarity, determinants.
Eigenvalues, eigenvectors, characteristic polynomials, minimal polynomials, Cayley-Hamilton theorem.
Algebraic multiplicity, Geometric multiplicity, diagonalization.
Inner product VS, Gram-Schmidt process, eigenvalues for various types of matrices.

Main References:

Problem Sheets

Examination and Grades:

The final grades will be given based on the marks obtained in the class tests and the final examination.

Seating Plan:

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