Website for B.Tech. Linear Algebra (MA 1140) Spring 2016

Update: The grades for MA 1140 have been submitted on 19th March 2016. If you wish to know your grade, then you may contact the academic section.
I shall be taking around 10 classes, each of it is of 90 mins duration. The duration of the course is from 11.02.16 to 20.03.16 The classes will commence on 16.02.2016.

Class timings:

Tuesday: 04:00 pm to 05:30 pm
Friday: 02:30 pm to 04:00 pm


Introduction to linear equations, matrices, Gaussian elimination, LU-Decomposition, inverses.
Vector spaces (VS), subspaces, linear independence, span, column space, row space, null space, basis, dimension.
Computation of null space, rank, rank-nullity theorem and its applications.
Linear transformations, matrix of a linear transformation, change of basis, similarity, determinants.
Eigenvalues, eigenvectors, characteristic polynomials, minimal polynomials, Cayley-Hamilton theorem.
Algebraic multiplicity, Geometric multiplicity, diagnoalization.
Inner product VS, Gram-Schmidt process, eigenvalues for various types of matrices.

Main References:

Assessment and Submission:

During the course, I shall be uploading assignment sheets with a due date mentioned next to it. On the respective due dates, submit the assignment on or before 02:15 pm
at my cabin no. 306 @ Hostel E. No marks will be credited into your account if you submit after 02:15 pm. Assignments have to be submitted in A4 white sheets.

Assignments/Surprise Tests


Surprise Tests

Examination and Grades:

Date for the final exam: 11th March 2016 (Friday)    Venue: Upper Dining Hall    Time: 02:15 pm to 03:45 pm.

The final grades will be given based on the marks obtained in the surprise test (10 marks), assignments (20 marks), and the final examination (40 marks, scaled accordingly), respectively. The grades will be given based on the percentage of marks that you got out of these 70.


The following table has the list of tutors who are assigned to a set of students mentioned in the last column. If you need any help regarding clarification of doubts that arise in the class, help in understanding the assignment problems or for any other difficulty that occur in the course, please contact them. If you feel that you are not satiesfied with their help, then feel free to contact me.

Tutor (Alloted Students) E-mail id S. No. as in here (access with your IITH e-mail id)
1Chaitanya Dhakne (21) 1--21
2Kalivarapu Reshma (21) 22--42
3Sanjan Prakash (21) 56--76
4Ramchand Choudary (21) 77--97
5Akhila Kumuda Priya (23) 144--166
6Gaddala Lalith Chandra (21) 108--128
7Karthik Yadav Mudda (23) 167--189
8Sri Krishna Priya (21) 43--55, 136--143
9Mohammad Mobeen Pasha (20), 204--213
10Puppala Deepika (21) 129--135, 190--203
Instructions for the tutors is here (access is only for tutors).
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