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Update: The grades for MA 1140 have been submitted. If you wish to know your grade, then you may contact the academic section.
The weightage for Assignments, surprise test, and the final exam are 20,10,40 marks respectively. The grades are given based
on the percentage of marks that you got out of these 70 and the marks in the final exam.
Till the last year, this course was a part of MA 1020. From your batch onwards, Linear Algebra is a 1 credit course.
I shall be taking 10 classes, each of it is of 90 mins duration. The classes will commence on 05.02.2015 and ends on 12.03.2015.

Class timings:

Monday: 08:30 am to 10:00 am
Thursday: 10:00 am to 11:30 am


During the course period, I shall be uploading assignment sheets with a due date mentioned next to it.
On the respective due dates, submit the assignment on or before 02:30 pm at my cabin no. 107.
In case of late submissions only 50% of the marks will be credited into your account and this is applicable
only if the submission happens before I post the solution sheet on the web.


Assignments have to be submitted in A4 white sheet and submit the answers for each problem, separately, in a new sheet.

Examination and Grades:

Date for the final exam: 21st March 2015    Venue: LH1 and LH3    Time: 09:00 am to 11:00 am.
The final grades will be given based on the marks obtained in the 4 assignments and the final examination.


Introduction to linear equations, matrices, Gaussian elimination, LU-Decomposition, inverses.
Vector spaces (VS), subspaces, linear independence, span, column space, row space, null space, basis, dimension.
Computation of null space, rank, rank-nullity theorem and its applications.
Linear transformations, matrix of a linear transformation, change of basis, similarity, determinants.
Eigenvalues, eigenvectors, characteristic polynomials, minimal polynomials, Cayley-Hamilton theorem.
Algebraic multiplicity, Geometric multiplicity, diagnoalization.
Inner product VS, Gram-Schmidt process, eigenvalues for various types of matrices.

Main References:

Assignments/Surprise Tests

Here is the list of surprise tests that I have conducted.

Problem Sheets

You can use these problem sheets to test yourself. You do not have to submit the solutions for these problems for evaluation.
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