Manish Singh

Assistant Professor
Computer Science and Engineering
IIT Hyderabad
Block C, Room 447
Sangareddy - 502285
Telangana, India
Ph (Off): +91 40 2301 8454
msingh [at]
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I am an Assistant Professor in the Computer Science and Engineering Department at IIT Hyderabad, India. I am a member of the Data and Informatics Group (DIg).

I obtained my PhD from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor in 2014, where I worked with Prof. H. V. Jagadish. I earned my Dual degree (BTech & MTech) in Computer Science from IIT Delhi in 2009.

My main research areas are Data Mining, Information Retrieval and Databases. I am currently working in the following sub-areas (see here for details).

Previously I have worked in the following sub-areas: