Electron Devices Research (EDR) Laboratory (Device Physics, Modeling, Design and Simulations)

EDR Laboratory, Laboratory Room# 601, Department of Electrical Engineering, Academic Block B, IIT Hyderabad


  • Mission : To search, discover and disseminate new knowledge and phenomena related to electron devices physics. To apply the newly acquired knowledge for new technological leaps towards greater benefit and enlightenment of the nation and the world.

    • Current Students and Research Topics :

          [1] Akhil S (PhD Scholar): Variability aware CMOS device design, modeling and simulations for sub-10 nm high perfromance logic applications.
            [2] S. Venkateswarlu (PhD Scholar): Electro-thermal aware device design, modeling & simulations of nano-scale high performance logic transistors for future CMOS nanoelectronics.
              [3] Kumar Prashant (PhD Scholar): 2-D materials based Nanotransistor design, Modeling and Simulations for beyond 5 nm CMOS nanoelectronics.
                [4] Dinesh Gupta (PhD Scholar): Device design and technology simulations of HBTs for mm-wave Electronics.
                  [5] Y. Pullaiah (PhD Scholar): Numerical device design, modeling and simulations of Diamond Metal Oxide Semiconductor Field Effect Transistors for high power and logic applications.
                    [6] Shashank Shivajirao Khope (M.Tech. student): Atomistic Simulations and Device Analysis of Group -IV and III-V semicondcutor based Gate All around Nanowire MOSFETs.