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Welcome to the IUTAM Symposium !


  IIT Hyderabad is part of history in the making. We, the faculty, students and staff are creating a new institute, an institute, which in due course of time will make an indelible mark in education and research. Though we are young, we have a great vision, agility, commitment and energy to create an innovative education and research environment that will be the envy of all. Through our deeds we shall be the catalysts for change in our local environs as well as the rest of India and the world. IITH has a dynamic faculty in all disciplines; in August 2013 it stands at 115. At present, we have nearly 1350 students in 12 academic departments. Of 1350, there are 260 PhD students, 290 M.Tech. and M.Phil. students, 100 M.Sc. and the rest B.Techs. in seven engineering disciplines. Thus IITH has a now thriving student body, full of energy and a large number of student activities keep the campus very vibrant and alive.

   Campus development is progressing at an accelerated pace. Construction of the campus has commenced, and we should be moving to the permanent campus in July 2014. The first phase will have three academic department buildings, eight men student hostel blocks and two blocks for women students, a dining hall, faculty and staff housing. The next phase of activity has started and we hope to create buildings for all the remaining departments, and various other building so that IITH will be able to house 6000 students by 2017.

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