Dr. C. Krishna Mohan


Department of Computer Science and Engineering
Indian Institute of Technology Hyderabad
Kandi - 502285, India.

Phone : 040- 2301 6021 

email : ckm [at] iith.ac.in


Research Interests

Research Group

Research Supervision

PhDs (Graduated)

    Mettu Srinivas
    Thesis : Classification of Medical Data Based on Sparse Representation Using Dictionary Learning. (2014)

    Current Affiliation : Assistant Professor - NIT Warangal
    N. Pattabhi Ramaiah
    Thesis : De-duplication of Person’s Identity Using Multimodal Biometrics. (2015)
    Avula Tirupathi rao
    Thesis : Efficient Approaches for Fingerprint and Palmprint Recognition. (2016)

    Current Affiliation : Researcher - Reliance Jio Infocomunications Ltd.
    Earnest Paul Ijjina
    Thesis : Efficient Approaches for Human Action Recognition Using Deep Learning. (2017)

    Current Affiliation : Assistant Professor - NIT Warangal
    Shyju Wilson
    Thesis : Design of Compact and Discriminative Dictionaries. (2018)
    Debaditya Roy
    Thesis : Representation Learning For Action Recognition. (2018)

    Current Affiliation : Post-doctoral researcher - Nihon University, Japan
    Dinesh Singh
    Thesis : Scalable and Distributed methods for Large Scale Visual Computing
    (Thesis Submitted Dec 31st, 2018)
    Current Affiliation : Post-doctoral researcher - AIP, Riken, Japan

PhDs (Ongoing)

    Nazil Perveen
    Thesis : Spontaneous Facial Expression Recognition

    Thesis : Scalable Machine Learning

    Prudhviraj Jeripothula
    Thesis : Surveillance Video Analysis

    Rajesh Reddy
    Thesis : Remote Imagery Analysis

    Rasna Azeez
    Thesis : Geospatial Image Analysis

    Thesis : 3D Action Recognition

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