Dr. Ashok Kumar Pandey
Associate Professor,
Department of Mechanical Engineering,
Indian Institute of Technology Hyderabad.

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Students: BTech/MTech

S.No. Name Program & Year Thesis Topic/Title Status Current Location
1. Sathish Kumar Garala MTech'10 Analysis of Linear and Nonlinear Stress-Strain Properties for Graphene and SWCNT Completed Mercedes Benz, Bangalore
2. J.S.V.S. Deepak Minor Project BTech'08 Dynamic Characterization of AFM Cantilever Beam under Different Operating Conditions Completed IIM Ahemdabad
3. V. Vinod Kumar Minor Project BTech'08 Effect of Frequency on Oscillatory Flow in Micro and Nano Devices Completed North Carolina State University,USA
4. Sanskar Godha Minor Project BTech'08 Nonlinear Analysis of Carbon Nanotube and Graphene Completed Tokyo University
5. Gyan Dutta MTech'11 Linear and Nonlinear Analysis of DC biased Coupled Microbeams Completed Mercedes Benz, Bangalore
6. Atul Gavade MTech'12 Analysis and Comparison of Different Tire Models under the Riding and Turning Conditions Completed PhD, IIT Hyderabad
7. Nikhil V. S. MTech'12 Nonlinear Free Vibration Analysis of Nanobeams with Nonlocal and Surface Effects Completed Eton, Pune
8. Priyank Prakash MTech'12 Experimental and Analytical Studies of MR Damper under the Dynamic Loading Completed ONGC
9. Bimal Purohit MTech'13 Frequency analysis of non-uniform bolted beams Completed Mercedes Benz, Bangalore
10. Bibin S MTech'13 A hybrid approach to model the temperature effect in tire forces and moments Completed PhD, IIT Bombay
11. Sivakoteswarrao I MTech'13 Performance characteristics of semi-active and passive damper using different car models Completed PhD, IIT Hyderabad
12. Sajal Sagar Singh Honors' Project BTech'11 Linear and nonlinear analysis of non-uniform cantilever MEMS beam with tip mass Completed (with Dr. Prem Pal) IIT Hyderabad
13. Sajal Sagar Singh Dual Degree BTech-MTech'15 Dynamics of non-uniform beams for microelectromechanical systems Completed (with Dr. Prem Pal) PhD, University of Michigan
14. Guddati Vamsi Krishna MTech'14 Dynamic behavior of structures with bolted joints Completed PhD, IIT Hyderabad
15. Gaikwad Shantanu Rajendra MTech'14 Linear and nonlinear analysis of SMA based Duffing oscillators Completed Pune
16. Mukul Yadav MTech'14 Drag force computation in micromechanical beams arrays Completed FIITJEE, Chennai
17. Varala Rajath Honor's project BTech'12 Performance analysis of MR damper using 3 DOF model Completed IIT Madras
18. Dipin Honor's project BTech'12 Frequency analysis of nonlocal elastic structures Completed General Motors, Bangalore
19. Manoj Kumar MTech'15 Frequency Tuning in Coupled Microcantilever Beam Completed Mercedes Benz, Bangalore
20. Debesh Kumar Sahoo MTech'15 Piezoelectric Energy Harvesting Completed Zuti, Hyderabad
21. Nagesh Kumar Sahu MTech'16 Linear and Nonlinear Identification of Bolted Joints Completed TATA Advanced System, Hyderabad
22. N. Rohit Prakash MTech'16 Drag forces in single and array of micromechanical beams and beams of arrow shape Completed Bombardier, Hyderabad
23. E. Indrasena Reddy MTech'17 Nonlocal Vibration Analysis of Nanocomposite Beams Completed IIT, Hyderabad
24. Vishal Suryakant Pawar MTech'17 Influence of Fabrication Tolerances in Comb Structures Completed Eton, Pune
25. Aakash Swami MTech'18 Influence of Temperature in Dynamic Characteristics of Tires Under Progress IIT, Hyderabad (Currently in TU Dresden on DAAD Fellowship)
26. Arnab Biswas MTech'18 Influence of scalloping on MEMS Gyroscopes Under Progress IIT, Hyderabad
27. Aashish Shaju MTech'18 Dynamic analysis of smart and intelligent tires Under Progress IIT, Hyderabad
28. Sibivivek K P MTech'19 Vibration analysis of functionally graded materials Under Progress IIT, Hyderabad

Students: PhD

S.No. Name Program & Year Thesis Topic/Title Status Current Location
1. Prashant Kambali PhD'12 Linear and Nonlinear Frequency Analysis of Single and Multibeam MEMS Arrays Completed Technion
2. Aparna Gangele PhD'13 Static and Dynamic Characteristics of Nano and Microstructures Completed Palakkad
3. Lalsingh Devsoth PhD'17 Computation of drag forces under different flow conditions Under progress IIT, Hyderabad
4. Prabhat Ranjan PhD'17 Dynamic modeling of smart bolted joints Under progress IIT, Hyderabad
5. J. Sai Kishore PhD'18 Identification of mechanical and thermal properties of nanosheets Under progress IIT, Hyderabad

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