Ashok Kumar Pandey
Associate Professor,
Department of Mechanical Engineering,
Indian Institute of Technology Hyderabad.

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My recent research involves the vehicle dynamics and the design of sensors and actuators for different types of vehicles.

Vehicle Dynamics:

Our research in vehicle dynamics falls under the following three categories:
a) Solid modeling and FEM analysis using CAD (SolidEdge) and Engineering software (ABAQUS, ANSYS).
b) Design and testing of different types of dampers (Current focus is on MR Dampers).
c) Dynamic analysis of four wheeler and two wheelers using multibody software (ADAMS, CARSIM, BIKESIM)
    and dynamic testing of their components (Laser scanning vibrometer)

Dynamic characterization are done in vehicle dynamics lab having the following facilities for testing:

a) Scanning laser vibrometer (Polytec)
b) Mechanical excitation controller
c) Lock-in Amplifier
d) Function generator
e) Oscilloscope
d) Isolation table

Our research work and the facilties can also be described in the following poster.

Last updated on July, 2012