Six days TEQIP Workshop
Vehicle and Tire Dynamics: Modeling, Simulation, and Testing
May 3-8, 2020

Registration is now closed (29 Feb 2020) for TEQIP participants and open for non-Teqip/Company, Last date for receiving applications : 31 March, 2020

About the workshop:

Understanding the fundamental concept of Vehicle and Tire Dynamics is essential in improving the performance of vehicles. The 6 days workshop will cover topics ranging from vehicle dynamics, tire dynamics, engine operation and noise, vehicle noise and silencer design, vehicle handling and cornering, solid modelling, simulation through CARSIM, fundamental and applied control theory, electric vehicle, autonomous vehicle, simulation through MATLAB, basic and applied FEM in composite, advanced FEM for Vehicle and Tire Dynamics. Apart from modelling and simulation, hands-on testing of noise, vibration, and dynamic testing will also be conducted.

Topics to be covered:
1. Vehicle Dynamics
2. Tire Dynamics
3. Tire-Road Interaction
4. Automotive Engine Technology
5. Optics and Diagnostc Techniques
6. IC Engine, Combustion, Noise, Power, Efficieny
7. Noise, Vibration, Harshness
8. Noise Measurements: Hands-on Session
9. Vehicle Noise, Silencer Muffle
10. Starting Maneuver: Clutch operation
11. Vehicle Handling: Acceleration and Simulation Techniques
12. Vehicle Cornering: Under, Neutral, Over Steering
13. Driver Modeling
14. Vibration Measurements: Hands-on Session
15. Solid Modeling of Vehicle Components
16. VD simulation using CARSIM Software with Hands-on Sessions
17. Fundamental and Applied Control through Demo
18. Modeling of Electric/Hybrid Vehicles
19. Modeling of Autonomous Vehicle
20. Battery Management and Control in E-Vehicle
21. Fundamental Concept of FEM
22. Applied FEM for Composite Vehicle Components
23. Advanced FEM Techniques: Vehicle and Tire
24. Material/Dynamic Testing: Hands-on Sessions.

Date and Time
Dates: May, 3-8, 2020
Indian Institute of Technology Hyderabad
Kandi, Sangareddy-502285.