TEQIP-KITE Center, IIT Hyderabad:

Technical Education Quality Improvement Programme (TEQIP) was envisaged in 2003 as a long-term Programme of about 10-12 years duration to be implemented in 3 phases for transformation of the Technical Education System. KITE Center (Knowledge Incubation in Technical Education) was created at IIT Hyderabad, to scale-up and support ongoing efforts of the Government of India to improve quality of Technical Education and enhance existing capacities of the colleges and institutions (non-IITs) across India to become quality conscious, efficient and forward looking, responsive to rapid economic and technological developments occurring at the National and International levels. The reform process needs to be sustained and scaled-up for embedding gains in the system and taking the transformation to a higher level. To continue the development activities initiated through TEQIP-I, a sequel project is planned as TEQIP-II. As of now, the Project duration shall be up to 2016. About 32 Colleges from Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka and Telangana have been associated with KITE-IIT Hyderabad under TEQIP program.


The Project will focus on the following objectives:

  • Strengthening institutions to produce high quality Engineers for better employability,

  • Scaling-up Postgraduate Education and demand-driven Research & Development and Innovation,

  • Establishing Centres of Excellence for focused applicable research,

  • Training of faculty for effective Teaching, and

  • Enhancing Institutional and System Management effectiveness.

  • IITH Role.

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