Research Thrust Areas / 5G and Next Generation Communication Technologies


IIT Hyderabad is a leader in 5G and next generation communication technologies. Prof. Kiran Kuchi’s research group has contributed significantly to the 5G standard by tabling India’s first ever standards essential patent (SEP) before the Third Generation Partnership Project (3GPP) standards body. Please see here for more details. In addition, our faculty are doing cutting edge research in next generation communications technologies that span the entire communication stack ranging from the physical layer to the application layer. More than INR 100 Crores have been generated so far in project funding.


Faculty Department Representative Project
Kiran Kuchi Electrical Engineering Indigenous 5G Test Bed
Abhinav Kumar Electrical Engineering Energy Efficient Lighting with Visible Light based Communication and Power Line Communication
Lakshmi Prasad Natarajan Electrical Engineering Index Coding For Wireless Communication
Antony Franklin Computer Science & Engineering Network Slice Life Cycle Management for 5G Mobile Network
Bheemarjuna Reddy Computer Science & Engineering CCRAN - Energy Efficiency in Converged Cloud Next Generation Access Network
Zafar Ali Khan Electrical Engineering Cyber Physical Systems
P. Rajalakshmi Electrical Engineering Converged Cloud Communication Technologies
G. V. V. Sharma Electrical Engineering Development of LDPC Encoder and Decoder


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