Spicmacay IIT Hyderabad Sub-chapter hosted the legendary flautist Pandit Hariprasad Chaurasia on 18th January at its campus in Kandi. Pandit Chaurasia was accompanied by his disciple Shri Vivek Sonar on the Flute and by Pandit Shubankar Banerjee on the Tabla. The event was attend by a very large gathering comprising of students, staff and faculty of IIT Hyderabad as well as guests from the city. Prof. Kiran Seth, founder of Spicmacay, was the guest of honour.
On the request of the audience, Pandit Chaurasia began the concert with a serene and meditative alaap in raag Yaman, followed by mellifluous jor. This was followed by a bandish in jhaptaal, followed by another short bandish in the same raag in teentaal, which culminated in a crescendo. The audience then requested Pandit Chaurasia to play raag pahadi. Panditji mesmerised the audience evoking in them a visual image of a playful Krishna frolicking with gopikas in vrindavan. The concert ended with a slow and deliberate bajan, vaishnava janato.
Shri Vivek Sonar followed Panditji like a shadow throughout the concert resulting in a beautiful blend of harmony and melody. The concert would not have been successful if not for the wonderful rhythmic accompaniment of Pandit Shubankar Banerjee on the tabla. At various instances during the concert, Pandit Banerjee's fingers appeared to produce sound on the tabla without making physical contact.
The audience got a taste of Pandiji's wonderful sense of humour during a short Q&A session after the concert. When he was asked as to what goes through his mind when he closes his eyes and plays the flute, Pandjitji's pithy response "I don't know/remember" gave the audience a glimpse of his years of training, dedication and commitment to his art.