The collaborative research among IITH, IITB, University of Tokyo, IIITH, and PJTSAU
had lead to the development of cost-effectibe IoT enabled soil moisture probe. The research at IITH was led by Dr Rajalaskshmi of Electrical Engineering Department.
The probe measures soil moisture at variable depths namely 5 cm and 20 cm
This battery powered probe supports both short range (IEEE 802.15.4) and long range (LoRa) radio depending on the requirement. The mating mechanism with communication module, makes it easy to replace the probe in case of damages.
Drone based sensing plays a crucial role in this project. Drone mounted with multi-spectral and RGB cameras, are periodically flown over the agriculture fields (rice and maize crops) at PJTSAU for testing. Remote monitoring through field sensors for parameters like soil moisture, soil temperature, ambient temperature, humidity, light intensity, and CO2 is implemented. Drone and field sensor based data is further analysed for different phenotypes and genotypes that aid in selecting the best breed of a particular crop.