In India, the major source of drinking water is groundwater and excess fluoride content of ground water is a major problem. A research team led by Dr Chandrashekar Sharma of Chemical Engineering Department had demonstrated that jamun seed derived activated carbon can be used as an adsorbent for fluoride removal from groundwater. In Dr Sharma’s group activated carbon was prepared by KOH activation of jamun seed powder and subsequent pyrolysis at 900 C.
The unique feature of this research is the first time use of jamun seed derived activated carbon as defluoridating agent. Jamun seed powder is commonly used in ayurvedic formulations for treatment of various ailments because of its unique medical properties. However in this work, they have utilized the hydroxyl groups of prepared activated charcoal for fluoride adsorption from contaminated aqueous solutions. The innovation not only offers a novel fluoride adsorbent but also low-cost and efficient material. The preparation of activated carbon from jamun seed powder involves very low cost when compared to commercial adsorbent that are being used for defluoridation purpose.