IITH has a very unique collaboration with Japanese universities and industries. The FRIENDSHIP (Future Researchers at Indian Institute of Technology Hyderabad to Enhance Network Development with Scholarship) promotes mobility of students and faculty between IITH and well reputed Japanese Universities. “The Project for Future Researchers at IITH to Enhance Network Development with Scholarship of Japan” (FRIENDSHIP Project) was initiated from 2nd January 2011 for a period of 8 years till 31st March 2020. Under this program, IITH has signed MoU with more than 20 Japanese universities and identified several thrust areas for mutual collaboration.
IITH has three very large projects with the leading Japanese universities and industry in ICT for disaster management, multimodal transportation and data science for agriculture.

Collaboration between IIT Hyderabad (IITH) and Japan started based on the commitment to initiate a working group for setting up a new IIT in August 2007 between then Prime Minister of Japan, Shinzo Abe and Prime Minister of India, Manmohan Singh. Following the policy decision, the Government of Japan established the IITH consortium of Japan in August 2009 as the umbrella organization of government, academia, and industry from Japan aiming at promoting collaboration with IITH.
Advisory Committee
Dr. Yoichiro Matsumoto
Dr. Yuichirao Anzai
Dr. Toshifumi Ise
Environment & Energy
Dr. Jun Murai
Digital Communications
Dr. Takahiro Ohno
Design & Manufacturing
Dr. Yasuhiko Arakawa
Nanotechnology & Nanoscience
Dr. Yozo Fujino
Civil & Urban engineering
Areas of Collaboration

Other Areas
Faculty members from different departments are involved in the collaborative research in the aforementioned areas and offer several courses that cover various aspects of these topics. IITH has zeroed in on some specific topics from the broad umbrella of 5 collaborative research topics with Japanese universities that may redefine the research outreach and learning atmosphere at IITH. Achieving leadership in the following areas will put IITH into the limelight and help attract highly talented faculty and students.
Consortium Universities
Study in Japan
Providing opportunities to study in Japan is one of the important aspects of the IITH-Japan Collaboration. These are various Japanese Government Scholarships to enhance such opportunities. The following websites can introduce some useful information to those who are interested in study in Japan. In addition a number of Japanese universities also have various scholarships.
How to Apply
For detailed information about courses and universities, please contact admission office of each university
For details, queries or suggestions, write to us at –
deanrnd [at] iith.ac.in
Ph: 040 – 44444444