Ambarish Aikat

Organisation : IBM

This course had right mix of statistical concepts and use of tool R with lot of Hands-on. This gives a head start to someone who is looking for analytics career.


Organisation : Oracle

The course is great. The professor is very good and very helpful. He tried to put a lot of concepts which others would usually ignore.


Organisation : VIRTUSA INDIA

The training was very informative and provide a detailed overview on predictive analytics. Also the exercises practiced during the course of training were very helpful and close to real time examples.

Abhijeet Shrivastava

Organisation : Novartis Healthcare Pvt. Ltd.

Course is really nice to get hands on practice using R and get an understanding of different techniques.

Pavan Kumar B V N S

Organisation : OpenText Technologies

The composition of the course is excellent. All required topics have been dealt in detail. I thank Professor Dr. Sobhan Babu for conducting the classes in a brilliant way.

Amit Gupta

Organisation : Jda software

Course is really good. It gives good grasp of the basic and advanced statistics using R.

Brajesh Kumar

Organisation : JDA Software Pvt. Ltd.

The course was well executed in terms of planning and practice. Teacher's way of explanation was really very helpful to understand doubts and can easily corelate with the solution. The course design was very well as it consist step by step practice.

Shashank Kumar Singh

Organisation : Mordor Intelligence

The Advanced Business Analytics course designed by IIT Hyderabad is completely a career enriching programme that provides an ideal mix of key concepts, theory and hands on training through case studies.

Gopal Raju Watada

Organisation : UHG

I really got lot of knowledge on Statistics, R Programming and Business Analytics. Tutor Dr. Sobhan Babu has excellent knowledge. He is so patient in answering all the adequate questions, truely impressed with his knowldge.

Pradeep Sharma

Organisation : Oracle India Pvt Ltd

Course is very well executed and Dr. Sobhan Babu leaves an impact on all students with his deep knowledge of the subject.

Rajashekar Allenki

Organisation : Symphony Teleca

The course contents and the explanation is very good.



The five day course on Advanced Analytics using R is an excellent course conducted by IIT Hyderabad. Hands on practice on different case studies with respect to each topic is a good thing about this course. Faculty is excellent. I am extremely happy to be part of it.

Satish Chinta

Organisation : Synolta Technologies

This five day course on Advance Analytics is well balanced between Statistics and R. The course material is very well organized, and simplifies concepts as much as possible in the complex arena of analytics. Coming to Dr. Shoban Babu, he is a league of his own and his extreme dedication to his work and caring towards students kept us motivated and going. Really appreciate all his efforts!

I seriously recommend this course to anybody who is seeking a jump-start in predictive analytics.

Gururaj Raghavendra Rao

Organisation : Qualcomm

Course designed seems to be very exhaustive and instructor has provided solutions for exercises and explained most of things in lucid and consistent manner. With great respect and honor to our course coordinator, its never easy to cover complex areas of implementation aspects of analytics in just few days.

Piyush Abhishek

Organisation : Snapdeal

The course part and teaching was splendid.

Rahmatullah Mohammed

Organisation : Saudi Telecom Companny

Its great course and enthusiasm and interest by the instructor is great and second to none. Really appreciated the personal attention given to each and every student.

satish kumar pekala

Organisation : HSBC

It's very good course which covers about Business Analytics using R programming and I am very happy being part of this course at IIT Hyderabad. I got to know about analytical skills in a structured manner.

Abhishu Agarwal

Organisation : Quikr

It was great learning experience with Dr. Shobhan Babu. Course was very much structured and intensive.

Hemanth Kumar Joshi

Organisation : Experis IT

A good interactive, informative course on statistics and R.

Sridhar Karingala

Organisation : Phore Technologies

Beautifully Designed course by Dr. Soban Babu.

Raghavendra Rao Deshmukh

Organisation : Microsoft

I must say that it is a well structured training program on analytics.


Organisation : CSC

The course is excellent content combination of theory and hands on training using R programming. The case studies are best part of course and examples created for every Lab examples are excellent.

Sharad Kumar

Organisation : Wipro Limited

Liked the program for covering important concepts to solve business problems. Highly recommended.

Jagadishwar Mekala

Organisation : CGI Information Systems and Management Consultancy

Conceptually it is very good and gave me good idea of how currently the industry is working.

Dr T V Rajini kanth

Organisation : SNIST, hyderabad

It is very interesting and useful for the industry people as well as Research people.

S Mani Bhaskar

Organisation : I & C Dept, GoAP

The program is designed such a way that a layman who is new to R can understand perfectly.

Mallikarjun Kasibhatta

Organisation : Accenture

This course is absolutely fantastic. Learning Predictive Business Analytics using R at IIT Hyderabad has been rigorous with deep and highly valuable insights all through the course.

Arup Kumar Paul

Organisation : Genpact

Thank you for offering this course. It was a really very intensive and unique course available in market, which I believe only possible by IIT.


Organisation : Certus

This training was well structured and it provided me good understanding of building predictive models using R.

Ramesh Thupakula

Organisation : hydes

The most and effective analytcs training that gives a 3D view of developing models of analytics using R statistical tool. Best and a must course for any developer with a view to have a career in data analytics.


Organisation : CNO IT SERVICES

A very well structured course with the proper mix of theory and practicals. I would encourage my team to have this course.