Welcome To WoNGeN 2011

Welcome to the International Workshop on Next Generation Wireless Networks (WoNGeN 2011)

WoNGeN has been one of the highest quality international technical events in the advanced areas of wireless networks held in India since 2005. After almost half a decade, this year WoNGeN 2011 focuses on the cutting edge research in wireless networks. In every decade, we see a new wireless networking technology's rise to prominence. Today, the wireless networking research community is on the verge of advancing the research on to many areas including, but not limited to, Femto cell networking, cognitive networking, machine-to-machine (M2M) communications, green communications, and 5G cellular systems. Not withstanding the above, another new research direction emerges to the forefront: Cyber Physical Systems (CPSs). CPSs deal with cyber systems with input and output in physical form. In most CPS forms, the network is expected to be high performing. However, when a CPS functions over a wireless network, additional issues emerge. Most future applications will, however, demand CPS functioning over wireless networks. In addition to the other advanced areas of interest to next generation wireless networks, WoNGeN 2011 will focus on CPS over wireless systems.

In order to recognize the most meritorious paper accepted at WoNGeN 2011, we will award a Best Paper Award (Rs. 20,000/-) sponsored by IIST

WoNGeN 2011 will be held in the beautiful and charming Bangalore (Bengaluru) City in India along side HiPC 2011 on Dec. 18, 2011 at The LaLiT Ashok Bangalore Hotel.

We request the wireless networking research community to submit your recent and unpublished papers to WoNGeN 2011.


B. S. Manoj and Dilip Krishnaswamy