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    Associate Professor, Electrical Engineering, IIT Hyderabad.
    Dean R & D, IIT Hyderabad.
    Head, Engineering Science, IIT Hyderabad.
    sumohana at iith dot ac dot in. Phone: +91 40 23017081.
    #321, Hostel Block E, IIT Hyderabad, Kandi 502285.
    Research: Multimedia quality assessment, biomedical image processing, machine learning.
    Group: Lab for Video and Image Analysis (LFOVIA).
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Recent News:
(19.09.2017) Article on lens based photoacoustic system accepted to Photoacoustics.
(26.08.2017) The LFOVIA QoE database is now available for free download.
(18.05.2017) Associate Editor, IEEE Signal Processing Letters.
(13.04.2017) IIT Hyderabad is hosting NCC 2018. Check out the website.
(27.02.2017) Manasa is the first PhD graduate from LFOVIA. Congrats Dr. Manasa!