GIAN Course on Structural Upgrade and Strengthening and  of Civil Infrastructure using FRP Composites(Last Date of Registration Extended to 15th July)


A significant number of buildings  have deterioration in the form of steel corrosion, concrete cracking and spalling of concrete. Condition assessment and strengthening of buildings is also necessary due to variety of reasons ranging from inadequate designs to deterioration. As a result, design professionals have the challenge of evaluating and implementing effective and economical repair and strengthening solutions. Unfortunately, there is no single solution that offers a simple, straightforward design, specification and execution for all repair and strengthening projects.


The fact that most of the structures need strengthening are occupied and operational complicates the repair/upgrade process.  Hence, condition assessment and strengthening are two significantly inter connected areas of repair and retrofitting. This short course will give an overview of condition assessment procedures and highlight the strengthening evaluation and design schemes using FRP composites



This short course is for all building industry professionals involved in evaluating concrete; destructive and non-destructive testing; inspecting; conducting structural condition assessment; repair; and restoration of existing structures. Engineers, architects, designers, contractors, developers, Inspectors and other building professionals in both private and public practice will benefit. This course will provide an exposure to young scientists, research scholars and teachers at the universities and private engineering colleges.



Condition assessment procedures

Identification of structural deficiency

Structural capacity evaluation

Structural strengthening techniques

FRP material properties, installation procedures and techniques

FRP strengthening design principles and detailing

Case studies on FRP strengthening