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Dr. Narasimha Kumar

Assistant Professor,
Academic Block C-547,
Department of Mathematics,
Indian Institute of Technology Hyderabad,
Kandi, Sangareddy- 502285
Email: narasimha.kumar[at]iith[dot]ac[dot]in

This page is mainly maintained for the undergraduate and graduate students of IIT Hyderabad. All updates are announced in the respective course pages.
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Currently teaching:

Aug 2018 - Dec 2018:


Jan 2019 - May 2019:

  • MA 5040: Introduction to Topology, 3 credits, MSc Course (XX.XX.19-XX.XX.19). Click here for the course page.
  • MA 1140: Linear algebra, 1 credit, B Tech course (XX.XX.19-XX.XX.19). Click here for the course page.
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