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On the Complexity of Hazard-free Circuits. STOC (2018).

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Small Depth Proof Systems ToCT (2016).

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Space-Efficient Approximations for Subset Sum. ToCT (2016).

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Building Above Read-Once Polynomials: Identity Testing and Hardness of Representation Algorithmica (2015).

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A Game Characterisation of Tree-like Q-resolution Size LATA 2015 (2015).

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Verifying Proofs in Constant Depth ToCT (2013).

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The Complexity of Unary Subset Sum COCOON (2012).

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Counting paths in planar width 2 branching programs CATS (2012).

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Current Courses:

  • Data Structures (Fall 2018)

Past Courses:

  • Theory of Computation & Introduction to Complexity (Spring 2018)
  • Complexity Theory (Summer 2015 at Saarland University)