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Department of Physics

Are you content with what lies on the surface? Or are you filled with endless curiosity about what lies within? If the latter is true, the Department of Physics is just where you should be. From dark matter to optics, condensed matter to MEMS, experimental or theoretical, we leave no stone unturned. In condensed matter, experimental, theoretical and computational work is performed on a variety of phenomena and materials. Several dedicated labs are present to aid in this work. Oxides, Semiconductors, Thermo-electric Nanostructures and Magnetic materials are just some of the materials worked on by the community. This is done using both first principles methods and experiments.

In high energy physics, research is underway to understand baryon asymmetry using flavor physics and looking beyond SM physics. Research is also done on dark matter and neutrino physics by building models.

In optics, Ultra-short laser pulses and Cold Target Recoil Ion Momentum Spectroscopy are used to understand Ultra-fast Molecular Dynamics.

Interdisciplinary work like MEMS research is performed through the MicroNano System Lab. With a dedicated faculty, vibrant student community and rapidly expanding infrastructure, the IITH physics scene is bright.

Physics News

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