Department of Mechanical and Aerospace engineering

Department of Mechanical and Aerospace engineering of IIT Hyderabad is constantly focusing on the development of expertise in areas beneficial for the growth of the society. The main theme of our department is to develop technologies which will be cleaner, greener and sustainable that will be helpful in making our country self-sufficient and will also help in sustaining in the global competitive environment. Some research areas which we are mainly focusing on, but are not limited to, are mentioned as follows:


Linear and Nonlinear Vibration, MEMS, NEMS, BIOMEMS, QNEMS, Microfluidics and Nano-fluidics, Structural Dynamics, MEMS, Delay Differential Equations, Parameter Identification, and Optimization, Multibody Dynamics, Legged Robotics, Control Theory, and Mechatronics. Optical Methods in engineering, Finite Element Analysis and Boundary Element Methods, Inverse problem in solid mechanics, Vibrations, Technical acoustics, Industrial Noise control, Acoustic-Structural Coupled Systems, Dynamics, and Plastic Gear Design, Nano and Micro-mechanics, Fracture Mechanics, Contact mechanics, Bio-Mechanics and Structural Health Monitoring.

Thermal Engineering:

Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) and heat transfer, finite-volume methods for flow and heat transfer in complex geometries, convection heat transfer, turbulence modelling, computation of turbulent combustion, simulation of flow and heat transfer in industrial and natural processes, direct numerical simulation of turbulence, higher order numerical methods: spectral methods and compact schemes, explaining the archaic-modern human transition using a numerical diffusion wave model (Anthropology), radiation modelling in flow problems, Multiphase Flow, Heat and Mass Transfer, Thermodynamics, Interfacial fluid mechanics, Vortex dynamics, Hydrodynamic stability theory, Geophysical flows, Experimental fluid mechanics, high-speed imaging, bubble dynamics and cavitation.

Microfluidics, Rarefied Gas Dynamics, Compressible Gas Flows, Thin Film Coatings, Molecular Dynamics, Direct Simulation Monte Carlo and Extended Hydrodynamics, Alternative fuels, combustion, and optical diagnostics in dynamic flows, Stability Analysis of Flows with and without heat transfer, Cooling of Electronic Devices and Aerodynamics.

Manufacturing Engineering:

Analysis of Manufacturing Processes (emphasis on Metal Forming and Generative Manufacturing) at Multi-scales; Development of Integrated Product and Process Design Systems (IPPDS); Manufacturing processes for Mass Customization; CAD/CAM, Manufacturing, Process Modeling and Optimization, Welding Engineering, Sustainable machining, Rapid Prototyping, CNC machining.

Mechanical News

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