Dept of Material Science & Metallurgical Enginerring

Department of Material Science and Metallurgical Engineering

The performance of any product which is being used in devices/vehicles/large scale industries and other commercial applications strongly depends on their property, which in turn is being governed by their structure (micro/atomic scale) and composition. If we want to enhance their performance significantly there are two possibilities either by replacing them by an alternate material with superior properties or by tailoring the same material by certain processing conditions/compositions to deliver the better performance. Hence, the prime role of Materials scientists is to understand any material system in terms of their structure, composition and how it relates to the properties (mechanical, electrical, magnetic, thermal and chemical etc.).
The ongoing/current research activities in the Department of Materials Science and Metallurgical Engineering have been focused on some of the trust areas which are the need of hour for the development of our nation. Those are as follows:
Advanced Structural Materials - development of light weight alloys for Automobile and Aeronautical Industries
Functional Materials - development of novel sensors and Energy Harvesters based on piezoelectrics, solar cells, Li-ion batteries and Fuel cells.
Ceramics/Polymers/Biomaterials - development of MAX phase materials for high temperature ceramics, biocompatible materials for tissue engineering.
Computaional Materials Science - Computational modeling of microstructural evolution in electronic materials (ferroelectrics, multiferroics, batteries) and Modeling deformation processes in materials using continuum and atomistic models (Monte Carlo, molecular dynamics, dislocation dynamics)

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