Department of Liberal Arts

Department of Liberal Arts
In order to conflate the diverse spectrum of academia, The Department of Liberal Arts at IITH functions to widen the boundaries of knowledge by offering innovative and intellectually elevating courses. With the intension to bestow humanistic, socio- economic and political understanding to the emerging generation, the department adopts an interdisciplinary approach at the grass root level. The department comprises faculty and research scholars from a variety of disciplines: Anthropology, Cultural Studies, Economics, English, Psychology, Sociology and Fine Arts, and offers Doctoral and M.Phil degree.
We specialize in areas such as:

  • Sociology of Media and cross-cultural studies in the discipline of Anthropology.

  • Eco-tourism, Indian Graphic Novels and Political Cartoons in India in the discipline of Cultural Studies.

  • Macroeconomics, Public Finance, International Finance, Industrial Economics and Applied Econometrics in the discipline of Economics.

  • Gothic Studies, Women’s Writing in American literature, Jewish-American Literature and Modernism in the discipline of English.

  • Cultural Psychology, Health Psychology, Positive Psychology and Industrial Psychology in the discipline of Psychology.

The faculty and scholars in the Department are committed to pursuing specialized research at par with international standards as well as promoting a nuanced and interdisciplinary understanding of academic research on the whole.

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