Department of Civil Engineering

The department of civil engineering presently comprises of three important streams namely Structural Engineering, Geotechnical and Environmental Engineering and Water Resources Engineering and possesses a combination of experienced and young faculty members along with a good number of doctoral students in different streams. Each stream of the department owns advanced and well established laboratories. The core area of research includes Computational mechanics in plastic and elastic materials (which include laminate material), soil, concrete, masonry material, studies on material properties, contaminant flow studies in rivers and lakes, soil-structure interaction studies, pavement analysis, and health monitoring systems and so on. Apart from regular standard equipments of civil engineering, the departmental research laboratory includes TG analysis, ground penetration radar, 2D and 3D DIC techniques, loading frames for static and dynamic studies, total weather report stations etc,. Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) laboratory of department is well equipped with a number of computational software of civil engineering like Abaqus, Plaxis (2D & 3D), FLAC, SAP and GIS related software.

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