Department of Chemistry

Department of Chemistry

Vision: To be world renowned institution Chemistry, delivering high quality teaching and research. Mission: The Department of Chemistry is committed to excellence in Chemistry by establishing world class research programs for meeting major scientific and technological challenges. Our aim is produce highly sought after and knowledgeable graduates for pursuing careers with academia, industry and government.

Research facilities: The department, has state of the art facilities that includes, a 400 MHz NMR, HRMS, XRD, ICP, a BET analyser, TOC- & CHN- analysers, UV-Visible, FTIR, Fluorescence/lifetime and Raman spectrometers, Polarimeter, Differential Scanning Calorimetry, Atomic Force Microscopy (with conductive electrostatic force, magnetic force, surfaced potential, nanolithography modes), Differential Thermal Analysis & Thermo Gravimetric Analysis, Gas Chromatography-Mass spectrometer, HPLC, Glove Boxes, Photocatalytic reactor, Chemisorption Apparatus, Microwave synthesizer, Spectroelectrochemical Workstation, High Temperature Furnaces and many such sophisticated setups. The department also equipped with necessary infrastructure, for carrying out wet chemical synthesis or related experimentation, at both undergraduate and postgraduate level.

Ph.D. in Chemistry: The department of Chemistry is actively conducting research in cutting-edge areas of Inorganic, Organic, Physical and Theoretical Chemistry. Our Ph.D. Program has been designed with an appropriate combination of coursework and research activities along guidance with faculty advisors. At the completion of Ph.D. Program, student should have professional command of the fundamentals of their disciplines and the ability to initiate independent and creative research in their fields. For more information:

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