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The PhD programme at the Indian Institute of Technology Hyderabad encourages quality and original research. Currently, IITH offers research degrees in four broad areas, namely, Engineering, Sciences, Liberal Arts and Design. Equipped with international standards research facilities, the faculty here aims to arm the researchers with excellent academic abilities to orient them towards a career in the contemporary world of research. It is, therefore, through the rendition of focused guidance in the development of an individual’s academic as well as creative and humanitarian aspect that IITH seeks to make its mark.


  • PhD Freshers orientation program 16/09/2016

Doctoral Representative message

IIT Hyderabad Research Scholars portal aims to serve the research community by providing a comprehensive collection of research being carried out in science, engineering, design and liberal arts. It also acts as a platform for the PhD students to discuss challenging and intriguing questions and to come up with innovative solutions. Research Scholars portal also provides many useful and up to date research related information like fellowship notifications, job opportunities in and outside India, academia and industry, assistance with common software tools.

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