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Special help desk for JEE Adv 2017 rank holders

Congratulations on making through the prestigious JEE (Advanced) 2017! We have a special help desk, especially for the female students, who are looking forward to join in IITs. The objective of the session is to give female students and their guardians more information about the IITs and help them in making suitable career choices. You are coordially invited to visit our campus.

Life in an academic institution can be both exciting and challenging. You may be wondering what it is like being a girl student in an IIT. So we collected experiences of few female students at IITH.
IIT Hyderabad has formed also Sunshine, the counselling cell and Women’s Cell to address any issues that female faculty, staff, and students may face during their stay at IITH.

For more information, please contact us on: jeew.helpdesk@iith.ac.in. You can also contact the event coordinator, Dr. Swati Gupta on swati_gupta@iith.ac.in or +91-9491083522.

Female Helpdesk Team:

1. Dr. Ch. Subhramanyam (csubbu@iith.ac.in, 9550435527)
2. Dr. Swati Gupta (swati_gupta@iith.ac.in, 9491083522)
3. Dr. Lopamudra Giri (giril@iith.ac.in, 040 2301 7095)
4. Dr. M. Deepa (mdeepa@iith.ac.in, 040 2301 6024)
5. Dr. Riddhi Singh (riddhi@iith.ac.in)
6. Dr. Vandana Sharma (vsharma@iith.ac.in, 040 2301 7057)
7. Dr. P. Rajalakshmi (raji@iith.ac.in)

Experiences of female undergraduates of IITH

Home town: Hyderabad
I am Harshitha Machiraju, a 4rth year undergraduate student from the Electrical Engineering department.My experience with IITH till now has been a very a delightful and enriching one.
Before I joined, I was a little afraid of the culture at a college, eating mess food, staying at a hostel, attending lectures by professors etc. Within the first week of joining, I participated in so many activities organized by my seniors and attended orientation sessions for the same.I got to know so many seniors and they all made me feel comfortable and less anxious.Since it was first time staying away from my family I was little homesick in the beginning, but then my mentors from Sunshine made sure that I interacted with my batchmates and had a healthy rapport with them to overcome the same.Within the first week, I adjusted well to my new found home at IITH.
My batchmates in electrical are all very friendly and despite few language barriers, we are one of the most united electrical batches till date.All the night outs, discussions, outings we have together are one of the most wonderful memories that I will always hold on to. As weeks passed I got a hang of the academic system at IITH and by the end of the first semester, almost all the Electrical Girls had the highest CG in our batch.M professors are also very supportive and encouraging.I have always relied on them to help me resolve any difficulties I have faced both academic and nonacademic.
Along with academics, I learned to balance extracurricular activities by volunteering and the working as a Coordinator for Multimedia and Animation for Elan, the cultural cum technical fest of IITH.I made loads of friends and created really sweet memories during the time of the fest.Since I was interested in cryptography I signed up for being a coordinator for Kludge, the networking club of IITH.I enjoyed a lot, being a coordinator for the fest and club, for a year.
Being a student at IITH has made be a more confident person and it has helped build my overall character and personality.
My experience at IITH will always be a memorable one, in summary as a poem:
" The friends I made,
The professors I met,
The knowledge I gained,
Are things I cherish with conceit"

Home town: Harda, Madhya Pradesh
Nidhi Dhamnani. I am a third year computer science student. My experience till now has been good, there were ups and downs but they all taught me something.
After getting my JEE rank, I was expecting IITG and was certain that I will get it. It was a big shock to me when I came to know that I didn't get IITG and got IITH but my parents were happy. Hyderabad is a developing city and there are many plus points in terms of internships and job opportunities. Finally I feel lucky for getting IITH.
I knew that IITH was still in developing stage and I wasn't expecting much before coming. Although I felt there is lot more to be et done but I was satisfied. In my first year, I came to know about various clubs and fest and that there was lot more which goes on apart from acads. I feel there is a huge scope for personal development in IITH. One can freely join any club and be a member of it which is not the case in many old IITs.
Initial interaction with seniors was very helpful. I came to know about various really talented people working around.
There is a whole group of awesome faculties who are also very friendly in their approach. I am a regular to my classes and rarely bunked any and I feel it's important to attend classes. The classes go on like interactive sessions and one can freely ask doubts.
In extra curriculars, I was a mentor at Sunshine counceling cell in my second year and NSS External Affairs Secretary. Both of them were primarily focused on helping people grow, as I always believed 'you grow when you help others grow' so I would say it was a wonderful experience for me. I developed various management and leadership quaities that added to self development.
Now coming to computer science, there is a huge scope in the field provide you are willing to invest time in it. There are various sci-tech clubs primarily focusing on the same.Working with faculties can provide you great deal of knowledge. When I came here I barely had any knowledge about the field. Today, although I am not expertised in it but it's surely something that excites me the most. I hope it will excite you too!

Home town: Hyderabad
I am an Engineering Science Undergraduate student at IITH. I'm not going to use any big words here and going to write what I've been through here.
I've been in IITH for an year now. I have great friends not just classmates or batchmates but also seniors, masters and PhDs. Professors here are very supportive. Even if it's a class of 200+ students professors memorize the students' names and interact with them in the class and any issue or doubt in a course professors are always an email away.
IITH is strictly doesn't tolerate the "r-word". Seniors shared their experiences with us not just academics but also about their internships and projects.
I don't say that everything is going to be perfect and easy from day one but eventually everything will be alright. It'd take a week or so to get adjusted to new place, new people and food. And not to make one feel alone we have Sunshine-counselling cell at IITH which assign mentors to students.
Ping me on messenger if you have any further queries - Akshita Ramya it is

Home town: Hyderabad
Lakshmi Mangu, first year, CSE.
During this time an year ago ,i was confused regarding many things concerning college and department to opt for.Many things were considered important and all of them didn't lead towards the same conclusion. Finally i opted for IITH and i believe that i did take a good decision choosing to be here.
IITH gives a lot of oppurtunities targeted at personal as well as professional development of a student.The clubs here are very good to learn from and versatile platforms to encourage any kind of talent-either in cultural or technical aspects. Fractal system adopted here is very effective in keeping the student occupied throughout the year.So, considering all these aspects i would say that IITH is a really good place for a students to become what ever they wish for.

Home town: Guntur, Andhra Pradesh
I am Durga Keerthi, B.Tech second year, department of CSE, IIT Hyderabad.
Getting into IITH is one of the best things that ever happened to me. During my first year, Whenever I was in doubt I looked back to my mentor- part of Sunshine, counselling cell of IITH. She was always there for me guiding and supporting. he new hostels are beyond what one can imagine as hostel, they are awsome. I did not confine myself to CSE things because I knew it was not my real choice so I explored as much as I can and understood what it is to be like a part of different cultural and technical clubs, workshops, fest activities, NSO, NSS, etc. Also due to the wide range of courses that are offered here, I understood what I truly like. The fractal system of IITH helps students to work continously, it therefore eases off the burden of studying hard during the month of exams. Faculty are really supportive and encourage us to know things in detail. We also have the flexibility of doing any course from any department. The Liberal Arts department of IITH offers various courses on psychology, economics, literature, movies etc. The Creative Arts department, which every student at IITH loves, offer courses on different art forms like painting, singing, dance, pottery, film making etc. IITH also offers minors in Economics and entreprenurship. Due to IITH-Japan collaboration, we get to participate in events like i.school workshop and do interesting projects.
After all these things, we are all equal here, we are never denied doing anything that interests us (unless we break rules).

Home town: Lattur, Maharastra
I am Akanksha Dhaygude. I am currently studying in Engineering Physics at IITH. If you are interested in research area , EP is very good option. In IITH B.Tech courses are M.Sc integrated, so in 4 years of B.Tech we complete B.Sc+M.Sc courses. When it comes to studies, you have to work hard. After B.Tech, you will have opportunities as researcher, scientist and professor. But if you really want to do proper research, higher studies is better option. Probability of getting job in physics area, just after B.Tech is pretty low. Even if you have interest in other branches, you can always opt for Minor/Major. About faculties of Physics department IITH, they are pretty cool, they will always help you, clear your doubts. You can do projects under their guidance. In first two years, apart from Physics and Maths courses we had many Computer Science and Electrical courses. From our junior batch number of physics courses has been increased in first two years. From third year onward there will be only physics courses, but you can always take courses of your interest as free electives or additional courses. Apart from academics, you will get to know many stuff in IITH. You can always pursue your interest according to your passion. All the best! :)

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