LTE-Wi-Fi Interworking

Demand from data hungry applications in smartphones/tablets brings a significant traffic load onto mobile networks. Wi-Fi in unlicensed spectrum provides a lot of bandwidth. Hence 3GPP has started work on integrating LTE and Wi-Fi to offer high data rates for indoor users. Initially this integration is realised by bringing in Wi-fi network into cellular packet core (EPC) through Packet-Gateway. For more fine control over these LTE and Wi-Fi interfaces, a closer level of interworking is required. Hence a new LTE-Wi-Fi aggregation (LWA) is brought in with tight integration at access link level by 3GPP. We proposed an IP level LWA architecture which introduces no change at the protocol stack of User equipments (UEs) and offers higher system capacity. We have realized this architecture on LENA NS-3 and a testbed by using Eurecom's OpenAirInterface (OAI) LTE, off-the-shelf Wi-Fi APs and commercial smartphones (e.g., iPhone and Nexus 5/6). NeWS lab @ IITH is conducting research work to design and develop various interworking architectures and traffic steering algorithms for both co-located and non co-located LWA scenarios.


Research Scholars: Thomas V PascaSumanta Patro  Prashant Sharma

A White Paper on Tight Coupling of LTE Wi-Fi Radio Access Networks [ Document , Video ]


                                                                                                          Co-located LWIP testbed framework @ IITH


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Source Code:

Open Source Implementation: LTE Energy Module in NS3


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