1. I have already submitted an application for M.Tech. at IITH in May. Do I have to apply again?
  2. Yes. You will have to apply again.
  3. I have a valid GATE score. Do I get stipend during the course of study?
  4. No. You will not get any stipend. Candidates are supposed to bear all expenses in the all course MTech program.
  5. Will I get hostel accommodation and mess facility?
  6. Mess facility will be available. Hostel accommodation is not guaranteed. Candidates will have to pay for these facilities.
  7. If I do this course, am I eligible to apply for PhD at reputed universities?
  8. Yes.
  9. What will be the total fee for this program?
  10. This is mentioned in the brochure given on IITH website.
  11. Course work looked very promising, although hectic. Do we get any vacation during the program?
  12. There will be a one month vacation in December, besides a one week break during the semester.