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About All Course M.Tech:

The Indian Institute of Technology, Hyderabad (IITH) is going to start an All Course M.Tech. program from the forthcoming session. The current two-year program consists of two semesters of coursework followed by 14 months of research. The all course M.Tech. program can be completed in three to four semesters. Many industries find the strong course work at IITs good enough for their requirement. The all course M.Tech. program fee will be higher and will be per credit based. The all course M.Tech. program students will not be entitled for any fellowship as GATE qualification will not be mandatory. On successful completion of the program, the student will receive an M.Tech. degree.

Admission Procedure:

IIT Hyderabad invites applications from all eligible candidates for admission into " All Course M.Tech. Program ", during the academic session 2017-2018, in various departments and specializations, as listed below. The program is open to candidates with recognized B.Tech./B.E. degree in appropriate branch, with minimum first class. Shortlisting criterion could be higher than the minimum eligibility criteria. The program is nonsubsidized cost sharing, wherein student will pay tuition fees on per credit basis. For session 2017-2018, the fees is 25,000/- per credit + Administrative fees of 1,00,000/- per year. The number of credits may vary between 36-40, depending on the specialization. A student can choose to complete the credit requirements in three to four semesters -- three semesters schedule includes a summer semester. For further details, refer to Program Outline.

For the academic session 2017-2018, the All Course M.Tech. Program is offered in the following streams :

Civil Engineering Department

Electrical Engineering Department

Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Department

The interested candidate can apply here. Click here

Program outlines:

1. IIT Hyderabad will offer ' All Course M.Tech.' Program from academic session 2017-2018 in various departments and specializations.

2. The program is open for candidates with recognized B.Tech./B.E degree in appropriate branch/s with minimum first class. The candidates will be selected through initial shortlisting followed by written test and/or interview. GATE qualification will be an added advantage but not mandatory. However no candidate including GATE qualified students will be entitled for any fellowship. Shortlisting criteria could be higher than the minimum qualification criteria.

3. On successful completion of the program, the student will receive M.Tech. Degree on par with the regular M.Tech. degree. The student will be eligible to apply for a PhD program at institutes in India or abroad. In addition, she/he will be eligible to appear for placement through IIT Hyderabad after completion of the program (i.e. a student registered for program in August 2017 will be able to appear for IITH placements in December 2018 provided she/he completes the credit requirements by that time).

4. The student will have to earn total 36 - 39 credits as prescribed by the department. Compared to regular M.Tech. program, course based M.Tech. students will do credits through theory / Lab. courses in lieu of 2nd year thesis credits.

5. The course based M.Tech. is a non-subsidized cost sharing program wherein student will pay tuition fees on per credit basis. The fee may be revised annually. For session 2017-2018 the fees is 25,000/- per credit + Administrative fees of 1,00,000/- per year.   If the student would like to access the facilities other than medical (such as dispensary, consultation with the institute doctor or ambulance service in case of emergency etc.) and academic (e.g. library, internet, labs as part of course requirement), they should pay additional fee apart from the credit based tuition fee.

6. The courses will be conducted along with regular M.Tech. courses and in summer and / or winter break as well. The grading policy of the course based M.Tech. program will be on par with regular M.Tech. program (2 and 3 year M. Tech. programs).

7. The students will not conduct research, thereby need not to write thesis. However, the students may carry out a mini project as a part of the course with the guidance of the course instructor. This is let to respective department and course instructor.

8. If a student gets an FR in a course and has to repeat it for completing the minimum compulsory credit requirement, he/she will have to re-register for the course and pay the fee again based on the number of credits.

9. Transfer from All Course M.Tech. to regular M.Tech. program or vice-versa will not be allowed.

10. The program is non-residential type (i.e., the students will not be eligible for hostel accommodation). However, they may be provided accommodation on chargeable basis provided that extra rooms are available. In any case hostel accommodation will not be provided for more than one-year duration.

11. The student from course based M.Tech. program will not be eligible for institute medals based on CGPA given during the convocation program for regular students.

12. The student may register for extra credits by paying a credit based fee, after approval of faculty advisor and the course instructor.

13. The maximum time for completion of the course is 2 (two) years in case the student had to take break for any medical reason.

14. IIT Hyderabad reserves the right to change the policy and the fee structure without any prior notice.

To fill the application online please read Instructions To Fill Application