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Admission into All Course M.Tech Program at IITH:

IIT Hyderabad invites applications from all eligible Indian nationals for admission into All Course M.Tech. Program for academic year 2018-2019, in various departments and specializations as listed below. The program is open for candidates with recognized B.Tech./B.E. degree or equivalent in appropriate branch with minimum first class. This is a nonsubsidized program, wherein a student pays tuition fee on per credit basis. For session 2018-2019, the fees is 25,000/- per course credit. A student has to register for 36-40 course credits depending on the Department and specialization. In addition to the tuition fee, a student has to pay a one-time administrative fee of Rs. 1,00,000/- at the time of joining. A student can choose to finish the credit requirements in three semesters, spanning over a year including summer semester. IIT Hyderabad conducts written test and interview for admitting students into All Course MTech Program.

GATE qualification is not mandatory.

On successful completion of the program, the student will receive M.Tech. Degree, and will be eligible to appear for placement through IIT Hyderabad. For more details, please refer to program outlines given at the end.

For the academic year 2018-2019, the All Course M.Tech. Program is offered in the following departments/streams:

Biomedical Engineering

Chemical Engineering

Civil Engineering Department

1. Environmental and Water Resource Engineering
2. Geotechnical Engineering
3. Structural Engineering

Computer Science and Engineering

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (Joint program with Dept. of EE)

Electrical Engineering Department

1. Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning (Joint Program with Dept. of CSE)
2. Communications and Signal Processing
3. Microelectronics and VLSI
4. Power Electronics and Power Systems

Materials Science and Metallurgical Engineering

Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering Department

1. Integrated Design and Manufacturing
2. Thermo Fluid Engineering
3. Mechanics and Design

The interested candidate can apply online at Click Here

Important dates:

Information Date
Opening of web portal for online application May 31, 2018
Last Date of receiving application June 24, 2018 (16:00 IST)
Online announcement of shortlisted candidates June 29, 2018
Written test and interview at IIT Hyderabad Kandi Campus July 10-15, 2018
Start of instructions July 30, 2018

(The written test/interview for different streams will be tentatively conducted between July10-15, 2018. The exact date, location and time of written test will be communicated to the shortlisted candidates separately)

Program outlines:

1. All Course M.Tech. Program has been successfully running at IIT Hyderabad from 2017 in various departments and specializations. First batch of All Course MTech students will be graduating in August 2018.
2. The program is open for candidates with recognized B.Tech./B.E degree or equivalent in appropriate branch with minimum first class. The candidates will be selected through initial shortlisting followed by written test and/or interview. Shortlisting criteria could be higher than the minimum qualification criteria. GATE qualification will be an added advantage but not mandatory. However no candidate, including GATE qualified students, will be entitled for any fellowship.
3. On successful completion of the program, the student receives M.Tech degree, and is eligible to appear for placement through IIT Hyderabad. A student registered for program in August 2018 will be able to appear for IITH placements in December 2019, provided she/he completes the credit requirements by that time.
4. The student will have to earn total 36 - 40 credits as prescribed by the department. Compared to regular M.Tech. Program, course based M.Tech. Students will do more course credits in lieu of thesis credits.
5. This is a non-subsidized program, wherein student pays tuition fees on per credit basis. The fee may be subjected to annual revision. For the session 2018-2019, the fees is 25,000/- per credit.  In addition to the tuition fee, a student has to pay a one-time administrative fee of Rs. 1,00,000/- at the time of joining.
6. The courses will be conducted and graded along with the regular M.Tech. Students.
7. Transfer from All Course M.Tech. to regular M.Tech. Program or vice-versa is not allowed.
8. The program is non-residential type, i.e., the students are not entitled to hostel accommodation. However, they may be provided accommodation, on chargeable basis, subject to availability. In any case, hostel accommodation will not be provided for more than one-year duration.
9. The student from All Course M.Tech. Program will not be eligible for institute medals based on CGPA given during the convocation program for regular students.  
10. After paying the tuition fee for the mandatory credits requirement in a stream, he/she may choose to register credits for free, after approval of faculty advisor and the course instructor.  
11. The maximum time for completion of the course is 2 (two) years, in case the student had to take break for any medical reason.
12. IIT Hyderabad reserves the right to change the policy and the fee structure without any prior notice.

Thesis Option for All Course MTech Students:

1. This option is available only to those students whose CGPA is 7.0 or above at the end of first two semesters. A student should not have failed in any of the courses in the first two semesters.
2. A student satisfying this criterion can apply to the respective Department to be considered for optional thesis.
3. The department constitutes a committee to evaluate the suitability of the candidate to pursue the thesis. If the committee recommends, a student can register for the thesis credits. The number of thesis credits are exactly same as that of the regular 2-Yr MTech counterpart in that particular stream. Thesis evaluation criteria will be exactly same as the regular 2Yr MTech thesis evaluation.
4. No extra fee will be charged for this option. The fee will be same as the ACM guidelines, i.e., the fee will be charged for 36-40 course credits depending on the specialization.
5. If there are extra course credits from the first two semesters, they will be shown in the transcript as Additional Courses.
6. Maximum time for the completion of the program under thesis-based option is 3 (three) years.

To fill the application online please read Instructions to Fill Application